Friday, May 08, 2009

All together!

In one place!
I want to enjoy and enjoy all the amazing projects you have done on my NSD tutorial girls!
I just don´t get tired to look at it!
You are so amazing and what I love the most on this kind of online class is to see how everyone is so creative using the same but different things!
Specially with such a bad english on my discriptions...LOL
Thank you so much ladies for allowing me to publish your work here on my blog.
It´s very appreciated by me and my friends from all over the world.
I´m stunned and happy with you all.

I trully hope you had enjoyed it as much as I did!
And congrats once again to ChrisA the random winner of this Party:)
Congrats to you all...there wasn´t one single project that I didn´t like!
Thank you so so so much!
Love you all!
And here they are:

"Sisters"By Lesley

"Life" by Pegassuss

"by KArin"

"Remember" by Lorwilb

"To my boy"By Linda Loe

"Sweet dreams"By Tallynt

"Flor" By Lariscrap

"The Bunny Boy" By Lalscrap

"Mom&me" By Kimmy

"Love grows here"By Kim

"The patio" By ChrisA

"I´m" By Dianna
"What about the news?" By CarmemLucia

"Our boy" By Aranka

Aren´t they amazing projects?
I loved it!
And if you like just browse down on my blog and you can do it too:)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

NSD tutorial.

Hi evryone and Happy NSD!
Hope you are having an awesome weekend filled with tons of creativity!
I have prepared a special tutorial for SIS and I´ll share with you now, so all of you can enjoy it too!
Have fun and hook me up with your project okay?
So let´s start the fun!

Supply list
1. 1 card board with 12 inches x 12 inches or 30.5 x30.5 cm
2. Mix of Chip boards
3. 3 colors of acrylic paint of your choice
4. Acrylic Gesso or similar white pasta
5. Glimmer mist on the same colors of your acrylics or a transparent one
6. 1 photo 7 inches x 5 inches or 18 cm x 13 cm landscape
7. Mix of stickers or embellishments of your choice
8. Mix of alphabets
9. Black sharpie
10. Some ribbons or laces
11. A little cotton rag
12. Some water’s dispenser.
13. Two soft paint brushes a medium and a large one.
14. Give me your best smile!

To start our project you’ll need to distribute the chipboards all around your cardboard.
Concentrate them in one corner.
I used the right one for it going up and on the bottom a little.

Now that the things are in place add the photo Just to see how much space you may need for it.
And glue down all the little pieces using a liquid adhesive.
Take down the photo and let’s start to prepare our background for the paint.

Once everything is glued down, give it a layer of gesso, covering all the little corners using the larger paint brush.
If you find a small corner uncovered by gesso use a smaller paint brush to reach the hard parts.
Remember if you need to add your photo under some of the chipboards, leave that corner
Free of glue so you can have the proper space for it.

Once all the gesso is dry you can start with some painting.
I have chosen pink, purple, baby blue and turquoise.
Get the first color and deep it fast into the water to have a watercolor consistence.
(Just be carful here try it in a scrap of paper before to see if you like the consistence.)
Brush part of it in pink and without cleaning the brush change for the purple color.
Now you can give it a good clean to your paint brush and change for the turquoise.
And go painting all the surface of your project.
It’s getting cool, isn’t it?

While the paint is still wet scrub a little rug all over it.
If it[s already dry make your rag a bit moisture so you can take the excess of paint from the chipboards and cardboard.
Play around, experiment new things if you like.
Try to stamp a background using different textures such as a rubber stamp or a bubble wrap plastic.
Just don’t be afraid of trying.
Once you are happy with your background you can get your glimmer mist and spray it all over!

Here you can see how the colors mix together giving it a cool effect after the rug scrubbing.

The only thing you got to do now is to make some doodles and to embellish it with stickers.

I have sewn a lace on the bottom to give it a cute finishing.
Embellish and doodle around, add your photo your journaling and your title.

You can even make a mini-mini book to add on the same project.
Mine was made out of chipboard file folders.

And here we GO,
The result is a fun unique and a colorful project to remember the best moments of your life!
Hope you had so much fun as I did.
Thank you so much for being here today with me!
And I hope to see you around soon!
Happy NSD!

Please note that this is for your personal use only all the images and
partial images aren´t aloud for any kind of comercial use.
If you would like to use it in a class or commercial use please feel free
to contact me.
Let´s protect together the integrity of all artist to enjoy more free
Thank you very much.
Lucy Folch
Protect by the copyright laws :Lei do Direito Autoral LEI Nº 9.610
e Nº 9.610

Por favor estas instruções e suas imagens inteiras ou parciais são para seu
uso pessoal somente, sendo proibida a sua repodução parcial ou total em aulas de
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Vamos manter a integridade dos artistas para que possamos continuar
desfrutando de mais e mais aulas grátis!
Se vc quiser usar estas instruções para uso comercial por favor entre em
contato comigo antes.
Muito obrigada.

Friday, May 01, 2009


I can´t believe that is one year since we had so much fun!

And this year won´t be different.

So if you like to join me and the other Fashionistas for a day full of activicties and challenges.

Come on in.

The party starts tomorrow at SIS!

Here is the sneak of my project.

I´ll be teaching from 4 pm message board time.

hope to see you there:)

To know thw exact time on your country use this TIME CONVERTER web site.
You may choose *Pennsylvania, Philadelphia as the city to get the EST time zone*option