Saturday, December 29, 2007

Take the time to review!

Yeah the year 2007 is gone,just few hours to enjoy.
But then we will have a whole 366 days in 2008 to be Awe with some serious inspiration from all over the world!
Talking about inspiration Bernadete from SIStv encourage me to choose my top ten LOs from 2007 and Thati from SD dare me to choose only ten of my favs Los from Brazil,only ten is nearly impossible.LOL
And i decided to add my international favs from 2007!
But please don't forget that these are not the only favorites,I have so much more,but i'm already doing this post from the morning and now is like 15:30 pm!LOL
It would take me the intire day just to upload my folder with all my favs,so here is just a little taste of the good things,the things that made me smille,the stories,friends,support,courage,strenght,hearts,souls,laughs,tears,hope all translated into pieces of papers,pens and colors.
I just wish you all much more isnpiration in 2008,I wish you a year filled with realizations,dreams and real happiness.
So I already wrote to much and my hand is hurting...LOL
Let the fun begin


I love this LO,I simply had so much fun painting this awesome ki memories paper and mixing it with the brazilian paper from goodies,plus Celine is a fantastic scraper,such responsability to do a LO for a celeb like her!


Because my sister is my world and be apart of her just hurts my heart,so I have the necessity to scrap about her all the time.

Memories in paper

I love this LO cos this is the moment that I really found they way to be happier with scrapbooking.


The journaling says all.

All about cute stuff

This LO simply shows the real me,the kid who will never die inside of me is translated by the colors and elements here.

Lucy is...

Finding me...and the ten things that make me who I'm,and I'm verry proud of each and everyone of them,thanks Corinne to make me realized that.


Cos a girl can never stop to dream and persuit happiness.

Express your self

I want to be a fairy.LOL
Now at least on paper I'm.


Little mirror of my soul.


Okay so this Lo maybe was not so popular,but for sure in my honest opinion is one of the coolest things I ever made this year,I love the graphic MTV kind of illustration.LOL

I'm now proud to present you the best of Brazil in 2007!
Of course there is so much more to show you,and here is just few of the Los that makes me smile in Brazil in 2007!


From Renata,I simply can't resist the explosion of energy and colors that she put into her work,this is just like her,full of life and colors!


Okay I love colors,but the way Katia worked out these papers is simply awesome,a vibrant LO and even do so sweet!


Dea Haenel is quite a talented scraper,and here she rocked the transparency,eyelets,and ribbons,and how cute is her DD?


Regi Musa is a super talented digi scraper,she is so good that she can lift you from paper to pixels!For me her work is awesome.


I don't need to say much about Anne's work,I'm fan from the day one and this LO is magical in every bit of it.


IMHO the best scraper of the year!

Déa Lourenço

Because she was the coolest bride in 2007,because her work is stunning!


Ge is like that,a fun person with delightful LOs all the time,it's just to hard to pick one of her LOs,but this one was far one of my favs.


Maisa is always awesome,a natural talent and sweet girl,her work just blows me away!


I love the explosion of colors here and the pic is so cute!


Regiane is the sweetest person on earth and her work just shows it so well.
She rocked my papers and she have lots of cats on this,I love that!LOL
Seriously talented girl!


Thati have done memorable work this year,this LO is stunning and I love when the picture tells a story by it self.


I love her work because is always so bold,bright and verry good made,this Lo is stunning and knoked my socks off!

And just a few of my favs scrapers from all over the world!
God Bless the internet!


Oh well do I really need to say something about this?
Cos dude she is beyond amazing...I'm still trying to find a perfect word to describe how much I admire this lady and her incredible work.


Cos she is cool like that and she is the real LOVELY HEAD!


I don't really know her well but this Lo caught my eyes and I had it on my favs list since I saw it for the first time!
Those up side down rubons are the killers,the coolest thing ever.


Pirates rules,a dog dressed as a pirate is da bomb!
Super fav LO!

Mara May

Dude do you know when you see a LO and it get stucked in you brain like forever???
That is what happened with this LO,I always think about it and how gorgeous this is.


OMG I admire her strenght,she is the sweetest stong lady this year!
You go Lisa,I want to see much more amazing LOs from you in 2008!

Kristina Contes

Because before being a pretty girl and a talented scraper she is a human!
Let's respect and don't forget that!
Keep roking girl!


Simply because she rocks and she loves hello Kitty too!


Awwwww Jo is special,she believed in me,she is amazing and a big heart!
Jo you was one of the bestest surprises this year for me.
Thanks for your kindness:D


Ah dude Gigi is the coolest,she is fun,bright and super supportive,this Lo has a powerful message that I want to remember everyday.
And i'm so thankful because I've meet you in the cyber space hun!
I hope one day I can say thanks you IRL!


Fauve dear you rock the colors and the touches of cartoon in your Los always amazes me!
To meet you was one of the brightest moments in 2007!


This is one of the most beautiful LOs I've seen in 2007!
A masterpiece!


How can you resist her gnomes?


Seriously how wonderful is her digital work???
One of the bestest in the world!


Seriously talented girl,her illustrations are the best thing I've seen in a long time.
The coolest thing is that I saw it in real life!
This is a privilege:D


No comments I'm her biggest fan in the world,I adore and love everything she does period!

And these are my super duper talented people from 2007!
Make you two your list and share with the world some love.
I hope to see many more of these ladies in 2008 and many more that for sure will caught my eyes and my attention.
Thank you all of you for this amazing year of color,stories,memories and inspiration.
I wish you all a magnificent 2008!
Success to all of us!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Have a wonderful Christmas day guys!
I wish you a day filled with hapiness and Joy with your family and friends!
I hope all your dreams will come true.


Feliz Natal pessoal!
Tenham um dia maravilhoso e uma noite mágica ao lado de suas famílias e amigos!
Que seus sonhos se realizem e seus valores sejam reafirmados em seus coracoes.

Um beijao carinhoso

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Jack Frost

Yeah seems like this year we'll have a white X-mas:)
Lot's of frost on the last few days,lots of minus degrees.LOL
I'm here cozy under my blanket just to say a quick hello.
See ya tomorrow.

The survivor


The top of the car

A stone


The dance floor


more bushes

Isso nao é NEVE nao minha gente...
Isso é geada,tem nocao do frio que isso produz?
Pois entao eu to aqui teclando embaixo das cobertas,enquanto lá fora tá fazendo muito grau abaixo de zero.
Pelo jeito esse ano o Natal vai ser mesmo branquinho!
E por aí muito sol e aquele calor maravilhoso???
Mandem um solzinho quente pra mim vai!
Beijao e até amanha:)

Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm so glad today!

Yay,I've made it!!!
I'm a scrapbook mate girl:D
This is huge for me and I want to say a big thanks to KupKakeKirsty
cos she have posted the deadlines on SIStv.
Otherwise I was not going to apply for it:)
Here's the blog
Thanks girly I'm looking foward to get my goodies and start to work!
D. I had some wine to celebrate and I so thought about you!

This was a cool X-mas present...

Meninas eu tô muito feliz hj!
Eu entrei pro DT do scrapbookmates!
Isso pq eu mandei meus trabalhos nos últimos minutos do segundo tempo!hahaha
Hj eu recebi um email dizendo que eu fui uma das escolhidas!
To doida pra que a minha caixa chegue pra eu poder colocar a mao na massa!
Eu nao sossego o pito né???hahaha
E vamos que vamos!!!