Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Few things

Hello friends!
Long time huh?

I know... but I've made some resolutions for this year!
Starting with the hardest one...I QUITE SMOKING PEOPLE!
This is huge for me since I've been doing it for the last 23 years!
Time really flies and it was about time to stop killing me!LOL

Anyways I've got some other things to do this year and one is to start scrapping again,YAY!
Las year I haven't done much...I was just not feeling for it...among tons of things scrapbooking wasn't my priority.
But here I'm to tell you that I'm back on track and to start my 2012 posts here are just few LOs I've made last week.
Hope you enjoy.

Using some deco tape to make my yellow background and using maskin tape,acrylics and the new Scrapdiary paper collection.

The fun thing is when I let my brain working like a mean machine...
So things happens when I do it and here you can see some loose thread on my background and old Hambly rub ons.
Love the result here.

A clean one with my fav thing white spaces.

Another simple one using Scrapdiary papers

More thread and gaze for the background.
And rubons too... :)

A crazy mess for these two...used only things that was laying on my table.
And some photobooth APP photos.

I told you I was back in track and UBER inspired...LOL

much love'