Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 in review!

Once again it was really hard to pick my favorite top 10 LOs of the year.
Actually I'm pretty happy with my production this year.
I have over come lots of hard times regarding my creativity but in general I'm very happy with the results.
So I selected some of my absolutely favorite LOs to show case today for all of you.
Hope to keep creating,inspiring and getting inspired by all of you too in 2009.

Thank you so much to all my readers,friends,family and lurkers that have been with me trough the intire 2008!
And Happy New year to all of you.

RDG inpired by CER

JJ as Barbara at SISversary

My passion

To a special little angel!

Thati thanks for this crop!

for One little word.

Corinne's sketch for pencil lines.

For scrapdiary using my new paper collection

Scrap mojo *for Karin*

Always a big inspiration!

For sweet Addie in her grandpa's boots :)

For Hambly dt call...I never sent though.LOL

For Angiedelarie stamps from Australia.

For Aniedelarie too.

For Scrap-a-ganza Holland-scrapbook mate

Just for fun:D

For SIStv.

And that's all folks :)
See you next year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

I have true friends!

And I'm so thankfull for that!
My darling swedish friends.
I just would like to tell you something...
You are in my heart... forever and I MEAN IT.
I'll miss you so much that's not even fun to think about it...
Remember this...You'll always have a special place in my heart and my home will be always open for you all!
Thank you so much for everything you have done to me.
It was more than you can even imagine...OMG...
I'm still in shock and I think I'll always be.
I love you girls dearly,love you forever and I'll never forget you.

Thanks you Petra,Beta,Pia,Carina,Annelill,Eva,MAria,Laila,Maud,Lotta and Maya!
I trully love you girls!

And a special thank you for my DAily Inspiration friends...
I will also miss you dearly!
I love you all and Heidi you are special.
Thank you once again for everything.

And for my Fashionistas darlings
Seriously you are all fantastic thank you all for all the support too.
You all heve a special place in my heart!

And this post is official to say a good bye to 2008!
Let's start the 2009  fresh and new.
With new adventures and stories to tell.
I'll miss Sweden and Europe.
I'll miss all the friends I have made during this period of my life.
But now is time for a new chapter on my book of life.
And I'm sure Brazil will be waiting for me with it's arms wide open!
I just hope to come back one day to visit the friends I've made and to see the places I used to love so much!

Thank you once again my friends you'll be missed.
. this is a tear drop falling on my face...*SIGHTS*

Love you and see you in 2009!
Happy New year everyone!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Some stuff from the week.
Hope you'll enjoy it.
And Happy Holidays everyone,I wish you a peacefull Christmas and a FAB New year!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let's give Nancy some hope

I'll copy&past here the message from a fellow scraper Rita.
We need to help Nancy so please if you like to help take a look at RITA'S blog for more info:)
It's an act of LOVE.

Hi all - if you could please help pass the word, especially to bear lovers, I would appreciate it. I am hosting a silent auction on my blog to try to raise $ to help a fellow scrapbooker (Nancy Jones - some of you may know her) who has MS and is very ill, medical bills are about to put them out of their home and Christmas is dismal. I am hoping to raise a little to send some Christmas cheer their way.

The silent auction is for a very fine, homemade white bear named Snowflake. To bid people simply need to email me and the highest bidder at midnight 12/15 receives the bear, with payment to be sent to the Jones family and once received, we will ship the bear. You can see Snowflake on my blog - please pass the link to anyone who may be interested. I have a quiet blog - and really could use help in getting the word out.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The girl next door.

Has just arrived at SIS.
Don't miss this stunning collection.
It will be avaible at the boutique and I can't wait to get my hands on it:)


Today I'm here finishing some x-mas cards that I want to send for some friends.
So as soon as I finish it I'll show you a sneak cos I don't want to destroy their surprise.LOL

Have a FAb day everyone.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Good Lord I miss those girls!

Right now I'm home sick!
And then I saw this video from the last party of the year from my brazilian lovelies...then I've cryed like a kid cos I miss them too!
The video is gorgeous and the message that Nana wrote is precious.
And Fabi this rocks thanks for puting it together, I love the song as well I just wish I could be home for the holidays too :( LOL
Thanks ladies for being part of my life.
Love you all!

Tati Capelli you rock!
It couldn't be easier!

Friday, November 28, 2008

The story of my life mini book.

Here's my mini book using the homebody collection.
Oh well you all know I have melted the LP to make the flowers right?
I couldn't throw away the covers...
So because my LP was about a broadway musical,and I love musicals,I decided to use the covers as my pages to tell my love story with the roller skating:)
I have done it for more than half of my life.
For so many years I was all about trainning,skating,jumping and spinning!LOL

I used every single bit from this collection.I had such a blast!
And for the first time I used the BIA...and I must to confess...for someone who doesn't really like gagets I'm prety much in love with it.LOL

All the papers used here are from the collection except the tissue under the spanish photo and the ones used on the last photo.
Some embellies are not part of this collection as well as the thickers.

Hope you get inspired to make so mini books using LP covers now:)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

More homebody for you:)

One more LO using The homebody collection from SIS:)
Ah e se vc está no BRasil e quiser comprar essa colecao vc pode encontrar lá no site da Les Babioles da Vivi:)

And now I'm back to finish my mini book using the Homebody...

Dea e Maisa parabens pela publicacao na Entre Artistes!
Os LOs sao lindos.
To escaneando as fotos e vou colocar lá no Scrapdiary pra todo mundo poder ver que lindos!

I'll be back tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Home body

Hi everyone!
I'm so happy today!
My new collection from SIStv arrived yesterday.
I love it,I couldn't take my hands off it:D
So last night I started to play with it.
Well inside the collection was this old Broadway LP and who knows me very well knows that I'm crazy about broadway!...But this I'll come back soon to tell you about my plan!LOL

So First I thought I have to do something with this vinyl...
And my piromaniac side just come out of the shell and once again I decided to melt the vinyl on my stove!
I melted a little and cuted as many circles as my burned fingers could handle...
Then with a heat gun I warmed up the vinyl again to make those flowers and make better circles.
And here you see the LO finished:)
Hope you like it!

I painted the LP first using Claudine's studio paints.They are really awesome you need to try it.
The pigments are really good so you don't need to much to cover a big area.

And now back to broadway...
I'm doing right now a mini album with the LP cover about my roller skating time.
To bad I don't have many pics from that time, mine are all in Brazil, so I collected some from my friends.
And as soon as I finish it I'll come back to show you...
It's going to be fun cos seriously the papers and embellies from this collection are so cute!
Check it out the collection here.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mushy brain!

Yeah this what I have instead for a brain...LOL
I had done this Lo for Heidi from scrapbook mate...
And I forgot to post it here for you guys!
I know I know it must be the age.LOL
And the worst is this is one of my favs Los lately!
So here we go.

Oh and today i woke up and it was like 20 cm of snow outside.
Okay snow is beautiful....but it's beautiful for one or two weeks...
And this year seems that will have a really long winter...
OMG I need me some palm trees a beach and a really warm and tropical sun...

So now I'm going to dream with a paradise beach and leave you with these photos:)
Have a great week everyone.

This is the view from my balcony.
You won't believe how it looks like right now...
It's everything under the snow!
Bring the sun please!