Monday, June 30, 2008

It's a girl world after all...

Sing with me...
It's a girl after all
it's a girls girls world!

so, no, girly girl isn't the new Disney album i'm releasing.

it's the latest SIStv designer collection! it is gorgeous. and it will be mine. if i can order it before it sells out tomorrow. 

and in honor of this fabulous collection SIStv is planning lots of fun games and giveaways:

everyone who buys the collection gets a free 1 oz bottle of glimmer mist.
on monday only, all orders over $50 will get free shipping.
every order placed by midnight cst on Monday the 30th is entered into a drawing to win an Ultimate Scrapbookers Package from SIStv. *drool*

And check it out the new digi designs!I love this one made by the sweet Michelle AKA Saturrngirl:)
I'm so going to have this one cos it's fantabulicious!

Don't miss the First Crop online LIVE today at SIS mb:)
2 PM Nashville time.
It's gonna be fun babe.
 I'm doing the same project we did over SD couple of weekes ago and the original project is from my dearest friend Silvana Barros.
And the coolest thing is if you participate I'll be giving a 10.00 gift certificated from SIS boutique:)
So come and join me on the second slumber party day.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Here is the deal girls,
You have 24 hours to purchase at SIS boutique and get a special 20% off of your intire order.
Just enter the code ONEDAY
There is tons of cool new stuff you don't want to miss it right?
And the collest thing is if you go to Kayla Aimee's blog after your purchase and eave her a comment you can enter a big RAK that she is giving.
So check it out today.
This offer expires Friday,June 27 at 12pm CST

Look this special T-shirt that Amy Tan had made specially for SIStv:)
You can also buy it at the boutique.
And there is one more surprise:)
If you shop today at the boutique and leave me a comment you'll be cool for a  draw to receive a pack of not-yet-released Orange Milk Lab paper from SIStv here on my blog too!
How cool is that?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Published in Germany!

YAY!I've got the magazine today!
And what a surprise to see me in so many pages!
Gosh is good to be published but it's even better to be published abroad!
I would like to say a big thanks to Andrea for this awesome invitation!
I'm really happy and the magazine is really good!

This is the Lo I've done for them:)
Fun moment!

And I will dedicate this publication to my Mom cos she is the most important person in my life,I own her everything I know about art!
She always I mean ALWAYS suported me in every single decision I've made.
For good or bad she is always by my side!
Yeah you see I LOVE my mom!LOL
So my dearest mother this one is for you!

Sunday, June 08, 2008


New prompts at Category Stories and Inspired by Amelie are up and running.
Check it out the links there --------------------------------->
And come play with us:)
Happy Sunday everyone!

Category Stories Armchair travellers.

Inspired by Amelie Quotes.

Monday, June 02, 2008

This was a fearcing project...

Okay so when I asked Elsie if I could make a Lo for her I was really nervous...
Imagine to do something for someone that's the "master of my universe"?
I kind of got scared and nothing was coming on my brain...
The I decided to relax and just have some fun...And this is what I come up with!

Cos seriously she is so sweet and humble and totally changed the was I scrap:)

So for these and many more reasons I would like to say...
Thank you for who you are and for what you represent:D

PS-> My diet is working...wooo hooooooo.
I'm loosing some centimeters and I'm so happy:)