Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bleu Print #19

Here's the new challenge for you:
I've get inspired by this add...and then the challenge has born:)

It's time to have some more fun.
When I looked at this add I imediately knew what photo to use.
I thought about the universe,the magic,the fairy tales.
This LO means to me an explosion of happiness!
And I would love to see what you girls will create too.
Just remember to have fun,to dream and to dare.

Aqui esta mais um desafio da Bleu print from Bad Girls especialmente pra vc.
Inpirada por esse comercial de uma revista eu repassei para o sktch e fiz o LO baseado nele.
Se vcs quiserem brincar juntem-se a nos.
Eu vou amar ver as suas criacoes.
Nao esqueca de deixar um comentario com o link do seu trabalho.

Aie eu volto assim que eu puder com algumas fotos da minha viagem ao Rio que eu amei de paixao.


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bad girls elements d'Art

I have done a treausre box for Bad Girls" Elements d'Art" last week.
And now I wanna share with you all.
You can find more details about this project here at Bad girls blog.
And don't miss the new kits for this month...they are simply OUTSTANDING!

And stay tunned cos Bad Girls is beginning a new venture that I promisse you will not only be Fantastic but it will rock the scrap world!
I'm so happy for Wendy,she is amazing and deserves nothing but the BEST of my wishes for her and her amazing company!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Kiss

The new scrapdiary collection inspired by India.
TFL girls.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bleuprint challenge.

Happy Friday Bad Girlies!

This is the Bleuprint #13 for fabulous
Elite Artist Lucy Folch.
So what you gotta to do is to make a LO based on this magazine add.
Then follow the sketch and last but not least make your LO.
Then you can post it here at the Bad girls gallery to rock on your project.
And add your link here so I can give you some love:)
Hope you enjoy one more challenge made specially for you.

Aren't you a member of Bad girls yet???

OMG what are you waiting for?
Come to this awesome place to see by your self the quality of the art showcased there and take part of this fabulous kit club/community.

I need to say a very special thank you to all the messages I've got regarding my mother passing away.
This meant the world to me.
Thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart.
Your words were like a balsam to my soul.
Much love

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good bye my rose,my fairy,my star,my everything.
I know now you don't have any pain.
I know now that you are the most beautiful star on the sky.
I know now that your hands had taught me everything I need to know.
I know you still love me.
I know you'll be always watching over me.
I'll have you in my heart and soul forever.
All eternity you'll be here by my side,i feel it,I want it,I need it.
I love you mom!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


What’s something you want to accomplish before you die?
I’m just passing through that phase where the feeling of having a baby is making me a stronger woman. Although I can’t have a blood related child I have a strong feeling that I’ll adopt a little one soon. As sooner my husband and I can get together again. Right now the world crises had us apart, but it won’t last longer. For us it doen’t matter the color or the sex cause we just have so much love in our hearts that we already love the baby even before we have him or her in our arms. It’s a love that is bigger than any word could ever say. I know for sure the day that I’ll be a better woman is arriving soon.

It's was a pleasure to be GD for this week's at creative therapy.
Check it out the new prompt here

Update on my mom...
Unfortunally the treatment for her is just so she can have some comfort and dignity.
More than that just a miracle...
Thank you so much you all for the good toughts and prayers.
This means the world to us.

Monday, August 31, 2009

In Between...

While I'm at the hospital taking care of my mom...
A quick update,she'll start the quemo tomorrow.
Wish us luck,and do a little prayer if you can.
I'll be forever thankfull.
So at the hospital's room...
I did some work using my new paper line for Scrapdiary.
Actually I did some more things for the new Magnolia's ink magazine too but I can post it yet.
I'll share it as sooner as I can.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dream a Little dream

Thanks Fer for the inspiration!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the streets, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
(Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel – fashion icon and stylist - 1883-1971)

I'm proud to introduce you my new paper collection for Scrapdiary!
And I have saved some for you!
So if you are interested to buy the collection please feel free to email me.
But hurry up it's a limited collection.







Can't wait to see what you'll create with them.

Saturday, August 08, 2009


Hello everyone.
This is just a quick update to show you what I've been doing today!
Ohhhh this a little piece of paradise.
I love Brazil!

I've been in some surreal places,I'd feed little monkeys and saw some huge iguanas,beautiful tropical flowers,great food amazing beaches and warm sun.
Life can't be any better than this!

I'll be back soon with some more...

Monday, August 03, 2009


Summer here that is!
The new Magnolia's summer collection has just arrived:)
And here are a few samples to inspire you.
If you like to buy them you can find the link to their webshop right there------------------------>
On my link list:)
Now I'm going to pack my bags 'cause I'm going out on a vacation to northeast!
See you in a few weeks!

A colecao "Lazy summer days" acabou de chegar aqui em casa.
E aqui estao alguns exemplos pra inspirar voces!
Esses carimbos sao mesmo muito fofos!
Logo logo eu vou aparecer com um LO usando uma das bonequinhas.
Pra quem me escreveu querendo saber onde encontrar esses carimbos,veja ali do lado direito o selinho da loja da Magnolia,que voce pode sim comprar direto da lojinha virtual ok?
Mil beijos pq agora eu tenho que correr e ir arrumar a mala!
Praia de Sao Miguel ta me esperando!Ebaaaaaaaaaaaa
Volto dia 14 de agosto.
Ate la fiquem com Deus e Boas semanas!

PS->Check it out...I have a new blog for Magnolia only!
And here it is,come and visit me.

Olha so eu tenho um blog novinho so pra coisas da Magnolia,tudo sobre el num lugar so!
Vem me visitar,vem!

Friday, July 31, 2009

These are the fun stuff.

There's nothing cooler than to be able to play with the awesome AC products.
So here are the stuff I did for their DT call.
No matter what,no matter if I make it or not it was really fun and as result of it I have some pretty cool projects to add to my collection.
Thanks to my awesome sponsor Tarcisio from Scrapbook Brasil.
Your company trully is the best in South America!

My wall art.

This wasn't part of my entry but was prety fun to make.

The best days of my life.

The kid inside of me loves to play. :)

And just a little card that was quite a challenge for me cos all you
know I'm not the best card maker around.LOL

It was a bless to be part of this,I really had so much fun.
Thank you all for the support,I really appreciated your comments.

Uma notinha especial...
Meninas do Rio...
Logo,logo vcs vao ter aguardem!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vem ai...

A special retreat in Sao Jose do Campos-Sao Paulo.
In Spetember with the teachers: Lucy Lari Scrap and Olimpia!
YAY it will be event of the year!

Um evento pra la de especial!

Olha so vou colar aqui o que a Olimpia escreveu no site.


Seguinte.... ufaaa to ainda emocionada... hahah

Como coloquei no post abaixo vou dar uma aula em Sao Jose dos Campos, certo. Bom entre email para la, email para ca, finalmente consigo vir aqui GRITAR a novidade.
Nao sou eu apenas a dar aula, mas sim eu e mais 2 (DUAS) professoras iremos dar aula juntas. Ou seja seremos em tres!!!! uhuuuu
Senta ai...

A primeira professora sera : LARISSA ALBERNAZ!!! Nada menos que a Lari... Essa nao precisa

A Segunda professora sera ( que tambem nao precisa apresentacoes):Sera a LUZINHAAAAAAAAAAAAA

E a terceira professora : EUZINHA que vos fala direto da terra do tio SAM

Super TUDO DE BOM mesmo essas duas, e eu vou e tratar de correr para nao ficar para tras... Olha a responsabilidade minha

O local nada mais nada menos que um SPA lindo em Igarata. Fica a uma hora de Sao Paulo e uns 30min no maximo de Sao Jose.
Olha aqui o site:

Dia 26 de setembro de 2009...
Horario: 9:00 as 17:00h (ou ate quando
Local: www.

Teremos sorteios de varias coisas, goodie bags, enfim de um tudo. So para voces terem uma ideia, um dos premios sorteados sera uma estadia no SPA... Fala serio gente... to quase extorquindo este sorteio e curtindo la com o hubby... ups..falei isso alto? rsssss

Agora o seguinte, eu sei que voces todas querem saber quanto custa e coisa e tal. Como eu estou com mais duas professoras e vou te falar, de ALTISSIMO NIVEL, eu tive que mudar o preco da aula. Quem ja se comprometeu comigo nao se preocupe que irei te mandar um email certinho e combinamos como fica.
Para voce que ainda nao tem o email e quer saber os valores, te peco porfavor, aguarde so mais um dia ou dois, que eu ja mando email para todo mundo com todos os detalhes. Preciso so fechar uns detalhes e pronto.

Vamos fazer o seguinte entao:
Quem quiser saber informacoes da aula coloque porfavor neste post o seu email que eu ainda essa semana te mando um email com todas as informacoes.
Mas deixa eu ja te adiantar. A aula, as professoras, o local enfim tudo ja e um sonho por si so. Acreditem valera cada tostaozinho gasto.
Talento nessa aula nao faltara...

To super uper duper feliz voces nao tem nocao. Meu sonho de ter aula com essas duas esta se realizando... Ah e eu vou dar aula ne...hahha
Se pensa que nas paginas delas eu nao vou sentar e aprender tambem.. so


Se vc se interessou e quer mais informacoes por favor entre em contato com a Olimpia no email

See you there!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mean while...

Between one drawing and another here at the beach I'm doing some Magonila's cards.
I had stamped tons of them before moving from Sweden.
My friends Lotta and Eva had loaned them to me.(I miss you girls)
They are from older collections, however I love them to pices!
Thay are all just so dang cute.
And you can find it to buy over there,you can find the older ones too------------------------------->
At their webshop and they will delivery it worldwide.
I'm not the best card maker in the world but I'm learning and having so much fun!
Hope you like it and get inspired.


Meninas entre os desenhos de um papel e outro,quando a luz fica muito fracaaqui na praia eu vou fazendo os primeiros cartoes da Magnolia.
Eu tenho aqui milhares de figurinhas carimbadas que as minhas amigas suecas fizeram pra mim antes de eu voltar da Suecia.
Estes sao de colecoes mais antigas mas, igualmente fofos!
Espero que vcs gostem.
Ah e ate mesmo estes carimbos que eu usei vcs encontram na lojinha da Magnolia o link ta ali do lado---------------------------------------------------------------->
Eles entregam no mundo inteiro!

Se voce se interessar vc pode comprar estes cartoes,eh so me mandar um email
luzinhavip at


Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm back

Hi you all!
I'm back from the craft's fair in Sao Paulo.
I'll give you a quick update cos I'm hitting the road again!LOL

So these two next LOs are for my niece.
I love her to pieces.The cool thing is that she loves my camera and I can play a lot with here she totally let me paint her face with acrylics.LOL
She is a sweetie.

This one was made with the latest Scrapdiary's paper collection.

This is for my friend Corinne,cos I miss her so much!
And I miss my Swedish friends to pieces...soon I'll do some LOs for them too!

Now it's comming a set of basic LOs I've done to teach for the beginners at the fair.
I had so much fun there and in my humble oppinion there's nothing more pleasent than to teach who is on the beginning cos for them everything is so cool.
It's like we open a whole new world of adventures and possibilities in front of their eyes!
I really enjoy it!

Oh the next two LOs were made over a chipboard souplat,really cool stuff!

And this one have my famous flowers...LOL The girls simply get crazy when they learn how easy it is to make them.

I also wanna say a huge congrats to my friend Ju Mansour cos she got an important award on the first eavening of the fair.
She was the winner from the craftsgirl of the year!
Congrats girl you rock!

And last but not least!
I'm so happy to announce that I'm the newest member of Magnolia stamps DT!
Like they are the sweetest stamps ever and I can't wait to start to play and make pretty thngs with them!

E em portugues eu tenho que contar pra vcs que eu to mais do que feliz de fazer parte do time de design dos carimbos mega fofos da MAGNOLIA!Ebaaaaa
Eu mal posso esperar pra comecar a produzir com eles alguns cartoes.
E depois se alguem quiser eu vou vender os cartoes.