Thursday, February 28, 2008

And you my friend will never know how much YOU ROCK!
Look at this Lo that Corinne made!
Seriously it's so beautiful.
It makes me feel so important!LOL
You are a ROCK STAR!
Thank you dear,I'm so proud to say that you are my FRIEND!
I'm sure that your star will be brighter even more!
Love ya!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This morning at scrpainstyletv JJ has announced the new F-girls in a webisod that for me was way much cooler that any Oscar...I still can't believe that is happening!
It was an amazing moment in my life...

I'm so honored cos dude I'm going to work with the best scrapers in the idols!
I'm just thrilled,scared and extremelly happy right now!

Dh keep calling me little Fasionista!How cute is that?

Mom I love you,thanks for all the things you taught me along the years!

Now i'm going to keep doing my serious happy dance here:)
I'm soooo happy!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Last week at

Scrapdiary we had a huge celebration for the third annyversary of our brazilian community:)
Was a whole week filled with cahllenges,inteviews,make and takes on line classes,special reviews,tutorials and tons of prizes!
I had no time to post before so here we go the online classes i took with
Thatiana,Thama and Vera:)
Thank you guys you RAWK!

Thati 's work shopThama's work shop
Vera's work shop

Thursday, February 21, 2008

And this is...

How I almost had a heart attack!!!
Yeah but look what Lari have done for me!
It has to be the most beautiful LO of all times.
And not only because we are in the photo(okay maybe that helped,LOL)but also because it brought me so many fabulous memories from last year.*sights*
But seriously look what she did,so many details,this is beyond words,this is simply stunning!
Thanks Lari you are a magnificent artist and I'll treasure in my heart always!

Esse post merece até uma entrada emportugues!!!
Imagina a cena...Vou olhar os Los postados nas últimas 6 horas lá no SIS...
Quando eu olho a lista eu sempre procuro primeiro as pessoas conhecidas né...
Aí tá lá assim
Larissa uploaded:Lucy
E eu...what????
Nao creio!
Fiquei até tonta de ver meu nominho ao lado do dela!hahaha sério!
Quando eu abro o LO,pronto foi o verdadeiro CATAPLUFT da Dan!
Nossa meus olhos brilharam...nem sei como explicar,só posso agradecerpor ter tido o privilégio de ter conhecido essa artista que pra mim hj está entre as top 10 no mundo do scrap!
Lari vc nao tem nocao do bem que me fez,obrigada.
Obrigada é muito pouco!
Eu espero poder retribuir esse imenso carinho a sua altura pq vc é uma grande estrela pra mim!
Luv ya:D

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Got mojo?

I've got!LOl
I'm so thrilled to tell you that I'm the GD girl at Scrapmojo this week:)
It's Valentines time there,you don't want to miss this cool challenge right?
And this is the Lo I've made for them:)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sneak peek:D

This is just a quick sneak for the classes i'll be teaching in march at Scrapenn Doejezo.
I'm looking foward to meet you there.

I would like to tell you that this Feb 10th, it's a sunday:P
I'll be teaching a verry special class at Skapa,so if you always wondered how to make an 12x12" album here is your chance:D
Book your place soon it's only few spots avaible.
We'll have lots of fun,fika and laughs+ you'll know all the secrets to become an album maker like a pro!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thank you dearly

I'm coping here the words from Corinne she explained much better than me...LOL
So then you can see what i'm trying to say on the post below:)

"Our friend Kirsty(cupcakekirsty) needs our help, actually her daughter Ellie does. Ellie is a a sweet and happy 12 year old who can't funtion like a normal 12 year old. Kirsty and her husband have been to many doctors but non of them knows what Ellie has. They said to her: "well what you see is what you get with her". and with those words they had to give it a rest. Something that is unacceptable for every parent I think.

Kirsty is one of the sweetest woman that I know and such a good mother for Belle, as she lovingly calls her daughter. She has shed so many tears over this and now there is an oppertunity to help Ellie get a diagnose and who knows even treatment. They are offered to be seen by a group of American doctors and specialists, a dream come true for them.

Now here is where you can help out. In order to get there they will have to raise 5000 Pounds. In return Ellie will walk a mile with out her stroller, which for her is like walking 7 miles. You can read all about this fundraising HERE and THIS is what Ellie had to say about it, isn't she the cuttest?
Corinne's words"

Okay and because for me is pretty hard to make a donation I decided that I want to help Belle as well,after all she is the sweetest young lady ever,and after she said "thank you,thank you dearly"my heart just melted with her sweet voice,her angel look and her cute Britsh accent!
Okay so I've made this apron just for her.
We'll make an auction for it.
I'm not sure yet when the auction will start and where...
But it will be verry soon and I'll let you to know about it okay?
And then this Apron can be all yours,it's hand made by me filled with LOVE and HOPE!
So if you like it leave a message here for us with your email.
And I'll keep in touch to tell you when the auction starts.

Belle darling you are adorable,I love you!