Friday, November 28, 2008

The story of my life mini book.

Here's my mini book using the homebody collection.
Oh well you all know I have melted the LP to make the flowers right?
I couldn't throw away the covers...
So because my LP was about a broadway musical,and I love musicals,I decided to use the covers as my pages to tell my love story with the roller skating:)
I have done it for more than half of my life.
For so many years I was all about trainning,skating,jumping and spinning!LOL

I used every single bit from this collection.I had such a blast!
And for the first time I used the BIA...and I must to confess...for someone who doesn't really like gagets I'm prety much in love with it.LOL

All the papers used here are from the collection except the tissue under the spanish photo and the ones used on the last photo.
Some embellies are not part of this collection as well as the thickers.

Hope you get inspired to make so mini books using LP covers now:)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

More homebody for you:)

One more LO using The homebody collection from SIS:)
Ah e se vc está no BRasil e quiser comprar essa colecao vc pode encontrar lá no site da Les Babioles da Vivi:)

And now I'm back to finish my mini book using the Homebody...

Dea e Maisa parabens pela publicacao na Entre Artistes!
Os LOs sao lindos.
To escaneando as fotos e vou colocar lá no Scrapdiary pra todo mundo poder ver que lindos!

I'll be back tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Home body

Hi everyone!
I'm so happy today!
My new collection from SIStv arrived yesterday.
I love it,I couldn't take my hands off it:D
So last night I started to play with it.
Well inside the collection was this old Broadway LP and who knows me very well knows that I'm crazy about broadway!...But this I'll come back soon to tell you about my plan!LOL

So First I thought I have to do something with this vinyl...
And my piromaniac side just come out of the shell and once again I decided to melt the vinyl on my stove!
I melted a little and cuted as many circles as my burned fingers could handle...
Then with a heat gun I warmed up the vinyl again to make those flowers and make better circles.
And here you see the LO finished:)
Hope you like it!

I painted the LP first using Claudine's studio paints.They are really awesome you need to try it.
The pigments are really good so you don't need to much to cover a big area.

And now back to broadway...
I'm doing right now a mini album with the LP cover about my roller skating time.
To bad I don't have many pics from that time, mine are all in Brazil, so I collected some from my friends.
And as soon as I finish it I'll come back to show you...
It's going to be fun cos seriously the papers and embellies from this collection are so cute!
Check it out the collection here.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mushy brain!

Yeah this what I have instead for a brain...LOL
I had done this Lo for Heidi from scrapbook mate...
And I forgot to post it here for you guys!
I know I know it must be the age.LOL
And the worst is this is one of my favs Los lately!
So here we go.

Oh and today i woke up and it was like 20 cm of snow outside.
Okay snow is beautiful....but it's beautiful for one or two weeks...
And this year seems that will have a really long winter...
OMG I need me some palm trees a beach and a really warm and tropical sun...

So now I'm going to dream with a paradise beach and leave you with these photos:)
Have a great week everyone.

This is the view from my balcony.
You won't believe how it looks like right now...
It's everything under the snow!
Bring the sun please!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Special LO with special flowers

This Lo I did for my sugar mom,she is my mom's lil sister and this year she is completing her 50th anniversary with my sugar dad:)
They are adorable!

Okay now a special note....
It's not really my style however I like to play around and try different stuff every once in a while soooooooo...
You see those flowers that looks like leather skin?
IRL they look even more.
It's grunge board and I learned with the amazing scraper "Emma Trout".
(please take a moment to see her blog it's linked inside the daily inspirations)---->there---->
She is so clever I can't believe she was kind enough to teach me all the secrets of it :D
So Thank you dear a piece of this LO is totally dedicated to you!
Thank you verry much for your kindness.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm back

Hi girls.
I'm now back from Holland were I've been teaching this weekend at Scrap-a-ganza!
I had a blast with my students and with the girls from daily inspiration DT.
Ohhh I've meet with the two sweetest americans Karin Burniston and Cheryl Mezzetti such lovely ladies and her projects are to die for.
So the trip was awesome!
Thank you everyone who took my classes I really enjoyed teaching you some of my techs:)
And as I promissed you here are my projects for you.
I trully hope to see you again.

And remember if you didn't get your hand out in english please drop me a line on my email so I can send you the files okay?
Have a fabulous day everyone.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Please please pretty please!

Tell me who you are!
Let me tell you something...a cat die because he was so curious...
Here's the story.
Today I've got a note from the post office that I had to go there and pick up a package.
Well I tought, maybe my next box from SIS tv come earlier this time.
So there I go...wondering.... and then I get there and the guy gave me the package not a big one but definetly heavy...
No it was not from SIS at's from Sweden...that's wierd who would send me a box from Sweden?
I look around the box and the only identification besides the swedish stamps is a little stamped name that says scrapkalja HB...
OMG I don't know her but it has to be something cool....And seriously I thought on the way back home,maybe its a statue of an owl or something...I swear I thought that.
I've got home and run to open it....
And for my biggest surprise it's a BIND IT ALL!
I've been digging this machine since forever...I was in chock and thrilled at the same time if you know what I mean...It's a freaking bind it all people!
Then was looking all around inside the package all over and there is no note...nothing!
Maybe Santa decided to come earlier this year.LOL
So my misterious swedish friend please if you read this come out of the shadow and just tell me who you are...or I may die here of curiosity.LOL
And Also I need to say thank you properly then:)
Now I'll ask excuse me but I have to go and play with this FAB toy!

Meri is it from you?

Monday, November 10, 2008


Hi guys:)
First I want to show you the Lo we did last week at skapa!
The class was amazing and I was blowed away with the talent of those girls using the watercolor over the paintables.
They trully rocked:)
Thank you Eva for invinting me to teach at Skapa again,I really love it!


Here we go a fast post for my dear students tha will meet me this weekend at SCRAP-A-GANZA!
YAY I can't wait to meet you all!
It's gonna be intense,fun and full of surprises.
For now I'll leave you some lil sneaks from the projects.

The little window for our poppytology project:)

And the double spreaded LO we are going to make.

Don't forget to bring liquid glue to my class we will need it a lot!

Is it friday already????

PS-> if you like to buy my paper collection please let me know.
Just post a comment here so I can see how many to bring and then you don't need to pay the ship:)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Hey you all:)

OMG I know I know I have been such a bad blogger again...But please someone tell me that I'll have more time to spend on the internet soon?
Yeah I don't think is never slow down right?
Anyways...Just want to share the book I did on Martha's class at SIS.
Seriously she is amazing and I'm telling you don't miss the next cos for sure she'll rock again:)
So I'll leave you with the pics of this special book I did for my mom:)

PS I hope to see you soon:)
If I find more time to my days.LOL