Thursday, November 13, 2008

Please please pretty please!

Tell me who you are!
Let me tell you something...a cat die because he was so curious...
Here's the story.
Today I've got a note from the post office that I had to go there and pick up a package.
Well I tought, maybe my next box from SIS tv come earlier this time.
So there I go...wondering.... and then I get there and the guy gave me the package not a big one but definetly heavy...
No it was not from SIS at's from Sweden...that's wierd who would send me a box from Sweden?
I look around the box and the only identification besides the swedish stamps is a little stamped name that says scrapkalja HB...
OMG I don't know her but it has to be something cool....And seriously I thought on the way back home,maybe its a statue of an owl or something...I swear I thought that.
I've got home and run to open it....
And for my biggest surprise it's a BIND IT ALL!
I've been digging this machine since forever...I was in chock and thrilled at the same time if you know what I mean...It's a freaking bind it all people!
Then was looking all around inside the package all over and there is no note...nothing!
Maybe Santa decided to come earlier this year.LOL
So my misterious swedish friend please if you read this come out of the shadow and just tell me who you are...or I may die here of curiosity.LOL
And Also I need to say thank you properly then:)
Now I'll ask excuse me but I have to go and play with this FAB toy!

Meri is it from you?


Yvonne said...

Aaaw! What a surprise! Heres what I found :-)

Jenny Bergvall said...

Wow that's a good suprice!!

Sharmaine said...

How exciting!
Yay Lucy, happy binding!!
Now any Aussie Secret Santa's out there? I'll have what she's having lol

Ann-Louice said...

Scrappakalja is a swedish webshop that sells Scrapbooking things.

Here are the shop:

And here is her email address:

I hope that helps.

thati penna said...


Mandaram errado!!! É pra mim!!!!!
Eu quero a bind....papai noel tava com preguica e mandou pra vc, mas é pro Brasil...o velhinho ta ficando gagá!!!!!!!!!!

*fauve* said...

WOW that's a happy suprise girl!You deserve it :)

Caleidoscopio said...

Papai Noel chegou mais cedo????
PArabéns pelas novas aquisiçoes!!!
Vai arrasar ainda mais!

Jessica Delarie said...

wow lucy ..u are one lucky girl!!
what does it do?? ive never heard of them !!!

Déia said...

Luuu, quem será a amiga secreta (literalmente)???

Guria, to esperando minha maquininha chegar eeebbaaaa. Vc viu que existe uma mochila pra ela? Muiiito fofa!!!


Sandie said...

How lucky are you!!!!!!!!!!