Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Home body

Hi everyone!
I'm so happy today!
My new collection from SIStv arrived yesterday.
I love it,I couldn't take my hands off it:D
So last night I started to play with it.
Well inside the collection was this old Broadway LP and who knows me very well knows that I'm crazy about broadway!...But this I'll come back soon to tell you about my plan!LOL

So First I thought I have to do something with this vinyl...
And my piromaniac side just come out of the shell and once again I decided to melt the vinyl on my stove!
I melted a little and cuted as many circles as my burned fingers could handle...
Then with a heat gun I warmed up the vinyl again to make those flowers and make better circles.
And here you see the LO finished:)
Hope you like it!

I painted the LP first using Claudine's studio paints.They are really awesome you need to try it.
The pigments are really good so you don't need to much to cover a big area.

And now back to broadway...
I'm doing right now a mini album with the LP cover about my roller skating time.
To bad I don't have many pics from that time, mine are all in Brazil, so I collected some from my friends.
And as soon as I finish it I'll come back to show you...
It's going to be fun cos seriously the papers and embellies from this collection are so cute!
Check it out the collection here.

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Laura said...

Wow! the layout looks absolutely gorgeous!