Thursday, January 31, 2008

Promisse is a promisse:)

And here it is my Lo for "One little world"
Yeah I know, I know I have done white Los before...LOL
But this one is special,not only because the photo was taken by my dearest friesd Corinne Delis in a verry special day and it's a Jack from the most beautiful Lo in 2007 that happens to be from Corinne as well.
But it's because for the last 3 days was passing for the hardest days of my life...
Long story short it had been really rough days and it seems that there was no light on the other side of the tunnel I was feeling defeted by the circunstances of life and almost giving up.
But fortunely I'm a verry lucky person and everything started to setlle down again:D
For good:D
So this Lo has a verry special meaning for me,it will always be a sign that GOD is more and he is always watching over his kids down here:)
Enjoy it as much as I did doing it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In september 2007

I was invited to be a Guest designer for Scrapmagie from Canadá.
Marina the owner was verry sweet and here's the work i have done for her.
Thank you so much dear for this opportunity.
It was my pleasure to work for you:)

And at the Dutch SIScrop I had the chance to meet Heidi she is the owner of scrapbook mate
She gave me this really ugly album to alter and this is the results.
I'm really happy with the way it turned out.
I covered it with fabric and then hand cuted a sillhouette from a black card stock add some bits and pieces and Voilá!LOL

That's all for today folks!
Tomorrow I'll post my OLW LO to show you:)
Have a nice day.

In september 2007...

I was invited to be GD for Scrapmagie.
Marina the owner is a verry verry sweet lady.
And i was thrilled to work with her products.
So now here is the work I did for her.
Thanks once again dear:)

And at the Dutch SIS crop I had the great opportunity to meet Heidi from scrapbook mates.
She gave me an album to alter and here is what i come up with,I'm really happy how it turned out.
I hand cuted the sillhouette of the girl in card stock and covered the album with fabric,add some details and voilá:D

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Awesome news!!!

YAY!!!I'm so happy
I have some awesome news!:D
Dennis and Dorenda invited me to do a work shop at Scrappendoejezo(Oh Lord I hope I have writen this name right)
Forgive me Dennis if I did it wrong.LOL
So girls lets have some fun?
I hope I'm going to have the chance to see you all again!:D
I can't wait and I promisse you I'm already working on the projects...this will be fun:D
Seriously I'm looking foward to it!

Me and Jo-anne at ScrappenDoejezo last weekend
Photo:Corinne Dellis

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Netherlands ROCK!

Seriously let me tell ya,Holland...that place has something verry special!
The people are so friendly,the food...owmy it's to die for specially those cookies with caramel inside...mmmmmm,the scrapbookers are simply fantastic!
The store Scrapenndoejezo is FANTABULOUS so gorgeous and giant,I mean really huge!
I was lost between so many gorgeous products to buy!
The inspiration was all over.
Okay the crop was a blast,I loved the Round Robin thing,so much fun...haha on the first Lo I was freaking out cos dude 5 minuts is nothing...LOL
I was cutting my pic...and Jo-anne said on her most perfect english I ever heard in my life:
"Lucy are you can't start before the timer is running..."LOL
She is such a doll!
But after the warm up I was ready and I really enjoyed my LO,thanks all the girls on my table for making it so special for me.
After that I was ready for the photo shots,first Corinne brought her gorgeous angel wings,Oh everybody wants a shot with those wings they are beyond beautiful.
Then the whole day was a total party...I didn't scraped so much but I had so much fun!
I want to say thanks to Silvia,Jo-anne(adorable,sweet,cute,amazing!),Dorenda(lovely,funny,cool) and Dennis for this super cool chance to be there with you all.
I really love it and I would like to say a huge thanks for all the goodies you guys gave me,that was much more than I deserve!
I'm so thankful for being part of SIStv and had the chance to get to know all of you:)
Now I'll let you with some high lights from saturday:D

This pick was taken by the FAB "multimedia person" Corinne Delis!LOL

Fauve took this one if I'm not wrong...

Pic by Corinne

pic by Corinne

And this was taken by Mireille right?

And if you want to see more from the crop visit my FLICKR.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

There's a new challenge on Category stories this week.
Go check it out and tell us the story of your bad hair day.
What do you do when you wake up and realized that there's not much do be done?

And talking about's my new me!
Got too short,but it was necessary:P
And few people asked me if the glasses from my bad hair Lo I'd draw ...
No there are actually plastic glasses that I bought in Sao Paulo last year,I only did draw the wigs.

This is the 52 cards #3 make a border with ribbons,the challenge is every week at SIStv.

Then I have done this watercolor for my dear friend and hot mama Fauve!
We'll meet next saturday in Holland at Scrappen Doejezo the for the "2nd Dutch Crop that is now officialy the First European Crop!Whoooo hoooooooo

This is the CDcover for Fauve with her photo shot I took on the last x-treme weekend:D
And Yeah I used a Lolly-pop package cos i know that she loves this kind of stuff:D

And soon this mystery will be reveled!

Now I have to go and start to organize my stuff for Holland,I can't believe that there's only two nights and I'll be there.
This will be a blast for sure!
Lots of fun stuff,cupcakes,friends,pics,wings,glasses,Hema store and scrap of the best quality!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Just sharin' a little bit of what I did this week,no big projects cos I was involved in a surprise for Jo-anne and Corinne:D
Can't show you yet...
So stay tune because as sooner as I can i'll show you all the details of their lil surprise:D

This is the super uber cool Griffin,he is Tina's son,I loved to play with his pic:)
The Lo is totally jacked from BAMPOP stack's cover.LOL

For the CS challenge,a fun and happy LO about my toys memories.

For the 52 Elsie's challenges over SIStv we are doing the book but this time in cards,mine are the HS size.
This is number 2 focus on the B&W photo.

And this one also on SIStv every friday happens the TORD.
Tord stands for True or Dare challenge.
Lee asked me to make a LO using something old,and here it is.
I used this Winnie the Pooh and the lil pom pom blue flowers,they are Jolee's can you believe that?LOL
I love Jolee's
Also trying to use the new color combo trendy,orange and grey...not my kind of thing but it was cool to play with something different this time:D

Hope you liked it,now I have to go to the post,seems that my Goodies box from Scrapbooking mates has just arrived:D

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

You can't miss that!

Don't miss the awesome interview with Corinne Dellis at Rouge de Garance's blog.
And not to mention the FANTASTIC LOs she did,it's like the most pure expression of art!
Congrats my dear friend,you rock those papers,you rocked my world!
I'm so trully happy for you!
Way to go!

Nao percam a entrevista encantadora da Corine Dellis no blog da Rouge de Garance, e os Los entao um desbunde,coisa de artista mesmo!
Aí sem contar que ela mencionou meu nominho por lá...que me matar né?
Fiquei tao honrada e sem palavras!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Look what she did for me!

OMG I literally falled down from my chair now!
Okay everybody has one,two,tree idols on this business...but seriously Céline is one of the first people I remember to be admiring and drooling over her work!
Like an idol,but she is so much more than an idol,she is a verry special girl,human being,a sweet friend!
And for all of that I would like to put my hands together and give her my best aplause!
You are so incredible talented,so humble and even so, one of the best in the world!
Luv ya girly and thank you so super much,really thank you!

Oh okay and today i woke up and whent to SIStv message board to chek the news...and there it was screaming in front of me... one thread...
A SIStv has an open call to new fashionistas!
OMG I applied,I know it will be a hard task with those seriously talented people around there.
I give it a shot cos as Corinne says you'll never know what can happen if you don't try.
So girls I really encourage you to try too,it doesn't hurt and on the end even if I don't make it at least I had tried!
So good luck to all of you out there who is brave like me to try this DT:D