Monday, January 21, 2008

The Netherlands ROCK!

Seriously let me tell ya,Holland...that place has something verry special!
The people are so friendly,the food...owmy it's to die for specially those cookies with caramel inside...mmmmmm,the scrapbookers are simply fantastic!
The store Scrapenndoejezo is FANTABULOUS so gorgeous and giant,I mean really huge!
I was lost between so many gorgeous products to buy!
The inspiration was all over.
Okay the crop was a blast,I loved the Round Robin thing,so much fun...haha on the first Lo I was freaking out cos dude 5 minuts is nothing...LOL
I was cutting my pic...and Jo-anne said on her most perfect english I ever heard in my life:
"Lucy are you can't start before the timer is running..."LOL
She is such a doll!
But after the warm up I was ready and I really enjoyed my LO,thanks all the girls on my table for making it so special for me.
After that I was ready for the photo shots,first Corinne brought her gorgeous angel wings,Oh everybody wants a shot with those wings they are beyond beautiful.
Then the whole day was a total party...I didn't scraped so much but I had so much fun!
I want to say thanks to Silvia,Jo-anne(adorable,sweet,cute,amazing!),Dorenda(lovely,funny,cool) and Dennis for this super cool chance to be there with you all.
I really love it and I would like to say a huge thanks for all the goodies you guys gave me,that was much more than I deserve!
I'm so thankful for being part of SIStv and had the chance to get to know all of you:)
Now I'll let you with some high lights from saturday:D

This pick was taken by the FAB "multimedia person" Corinne Delis!LOL

Fauve took this one if I'm not wrong...

Pic by Corinne

pic by Corinne

And this was taken by Mireille right?

And if you want to see more from the crop visit my FLICKR.


Silvitanova said...

Great pictures! Thank you for joining us at the crop and for your adorable ATC card. Hope to see you again soon!

Marlies said...

Hey, that's me!
LOVE that pic, LOL!
It was AWESOME meeting you and to have a chance to doodle with you on our placemats, LOL...

thati penna said...

Que looooosho !!! Adorei os doodles no rosto!!!

Mexx said...

hi sweatheart the pictures are great, itś was so much fun that day only to short hope to see you more in the fucture you Rock girl i love your style and your a wonderful warm person thanks for being with us

D@nielle said...

It was so great to meet you, I will defiantely keep in touch as I loved your sparkling personality and fab lo's !

Si Alem said...

Que farra hein? Adorei as fotos.

*fauve* said...

Hey girly
Glad youre back home save :D I had a great time again sweety!And we must hang out some more when you come again!Maybe we can go shopping in Amsterdam yay :D Loved our pictures girly,too much fun !!

Luv ya

Mireille said...

yup.. the last one was taken by me.. Glad it turned out ok cuz I had so much trouble keeping the camera still .. had to laugh so much..
You girls were so fun!!!
Had a blast sweetie!!!
Thanks for blessing me with your company =)

Ice-Angel said...

Haaaai Lucy!
It was very nice to meet you, so cool that you could come!
I enjoyed watching your photoshoot, so much fun ;-)

Je@net said...

Hi Lucy,it was so great to meet you! Did we had a fantastic time with all the SISters!!

Lu Minoti said...

faz tempo q eu não venho aqui, e adorei ver tantas novidades legais!Não dá tempo de fazer comentários no SD, mas tô acompanhando seu crescente sucesso de pertinho, viu?Vc viu as fotos do BMG no meu site?Passa lá que tem 1 linda nossa!TE ADORO AMIGA!

Si Alem said...

Luzinhaaaa passa no meu blog!

Si Alem said...

Voltei, menina que lindo o avental e o saquinho então que vc fez pra Corine. Os olhinhos das caveirinhas são strass?

Jodie said...

love those photos they are so cute.
sounds like u had an amazing time, lucky girl!!


ana ( said...

que lindos trabalhos

me da sua direcao lhe quero madar a revista com meus trabalhos et como combinado voce me manda a sua!!!

beijinhos ana
toma o meu mail