Monday, March 26, 2007

Mellow sunday!

It was simply a stunning sunday!
I already can feel that spring is closer!
We went out,in a car fair,OMG so many wonderfull cars,was hard to choose one...
I couldn't help my self and jump inside of my favorite cars.
Besides I've seen the fastest car in the world,it's a Swedish car with a pretty hard name to say...LOL but unbelievable,almost everything is carbon fiber...ahhh its stunning...
You know what?I don't drive,I don't like and always been afraid...but I enjoy and like racing and like to see the design of the cars,I always think about the people behind a car design,how they develop those things,the engineers...its amazing...haha Im caind of wierd ha?
After we went in a Yatch club closer to the fair,beautiful place,we tryied my new lenses a sigma up to 300mm,cool toy!
Then we got some lunch in a charming cafe...was a perfect day!
I fell recharged for one more week!

Oh the K7 and botle is from and ,its a fun generator,take a look in their site and have fun!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fashion week spirit!LOL

One more just for fun.
Rhi as you can see I saved the paper from your cute package...LOL
I just couldn't trow it,and now it became a skirt for this dress...haha

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Special delivery from Lovely heads!!!

Girls thank you,thank you,thank you so much!
I simply loved the lovely things you sent to me!
WOw so gorgeous,everything was perfect,you have no idea how happy Im right now!
You girls have the power to spread the love,and for shure you are making the earth a better place!
Thanks for all incredible goodies!

Oh here is my first scrap decór,I had so much fun,for a long time i was inspired by the incredible scraper Marah Johnson,she is sooo awesome,her work is just unbeliveble!
For those who doesn't know her yet,she did the amazing paper line(for creative imaginations) with those dang cool skulls,and the tatoo collection,oh well she only does cool stuff!
So I was inspired by her models,and here is mine,for shure Im going to make some more for my friends!

Have a great weekend guys!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Its always a special one!

Oh yeah,i know my last post i said:"a special one"
so Okay...
But this one today is a super special one,not only becouse this girl rocks,but cuz she is amazing,she does pretty things and it was my verry first International Photo Swap!
So I'll always remember that.
Her name is Rhi,she is a lovely head,super cool scraper and she is from England,soooo chic!
You must take a look at her blog...You'll find it on my links --->
Im so exited to see what she did for me!
So here is my take for one of the coolest photos i ever scrapped,and well Rhi I really,really hope you like it,ohhhh that's the scary part...I hope she likes....well we'll see...LOL

E ai galera tudo?
Aqui tudo...
Bem esse Lo foi a minha primeira troca internacional,com a Rhi da Inglaterra,ela é uma fofa e eu adoro o blog dela,eu já até ganhei um RAK lá uma vez.
Pois bem é duro fazer uma pagina pra quem a gente nao conhece...principalmente quando essa pessoa é inglesa...hahaha
Pra vcs é facil,eu conheco cada uma como se fosse a anos,eu sei mais ou menos do que vcs gostam,mesmo que 90% de vcs ainda sejam amigas de infancia virtuais,mas dela eu nao sabia muita coisa e julgando pela foto saiu esse LO,agora é torcer pra que ela goste...vamos ver no que vai dar...


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A special one

Oh well this little girl is a real angel on earth,thats why I've made this with all my love.

She espero que a sua prima goste,fiz com muito amor pra essa bonequinha que é um anjo!

Luv ya!

Keep going

More swaps!
Yeah Im totaly addicted to it!
Here is two more friends Kaká and Elker,these they made for me and I've made for them,for Elker I used her cute dougther pic,and kaka totaly scrapconcentrated!LOL
Oh and for Kaká I did a lift from one of the coolest scraper eva...Adrienne Looman,by the way her blog rocks!
I loved to swap with you guys,thank you so much for such cool LOs!
Rhi,yours is already done,but I'll wait 'till wednesday to post it okay?

Ebaaaaa olha os Los que a Kaka e a Elker fizeram pra mim,e os que eu fiz pra elas!
Viciei nessa brincadeira!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

This time is the swap I've made with my friend Marcia,I loved the Lo she did specialy for me,and I had so much fun with her pic,so here is the results!I'll hope you like it!:0)

Olha que superlinda a pagina que a M;arcia fez pra mim,e eu me diverti muito fazendo essa pra ela,vou confessar nao sou a maior fan dos papeis BG,mas essa colecao tá muito fofa,me rendi!hahaha
Marcinha querida tomara que vc goste!