Saturday, March 17, 2007

Special delivery from Lovely heads!!!

Girls thank you,thank you,thank you so much!
I simply loved the lovely things you sent to me!
WOw so gorgeous,everything was perfect,you have no idea how happy Im right now!
You girls have the power to spread the love,and for shure you are making the earth a better place!
Thanks for all incredible goodies!

Oh here is my first scrap decór,I had so much fun,for a long time i was inspired by the incredible scraper Marah Johnson,she is sooo awesome,her work is just unbeliveble!
For those who doesn't know her yet,she did the amazing paper line(for creative imaginations) with those dang cool skulls,and the tatoo collection,oh well she only does cool stuff!
So I was inspired by her models,and here is mine,for shure Im going to make some more for my friends!

Have a great weekend guys!


micayla said...

OOOH you are a lucky lady!!! I love your little tailors dummy, its so cute!!

Dany Peres said...

Meu Deus lu! Me passa a receita do medicamento q vc toma para ter capacidade de fazer coisas tão maravilhosas! Bjbjbj

Rhi said...

Aw yay, glad it finally got to you lovely!
*snaps* for your dummy aswell. I want one!

One cool chick said...

wow, that is AWESOME!!!

Miapuh said...

Thanks for the class today :)
I will leave some cool stuff at Skapa Hobby to you :)
Take care
/ Mia

*Fauve* said...

So cool,i love it!!And yes Marah Johnson rocks!!