Monday, March 26, 2007

Mellow sunday!

It was simply a stunning sunday!
I already can feel that spring is closer!
We went out,in a car fair,OMG so many wonderfull cars,was hard to choose one...
I couldn't help my self and jump inside of my favorite cars.
Besides I've seen the fastest car in the world,it's a Swedish car with a pretty hard name to say...LOL but unbelievable,almost everything is carbon fiber...ahhh its stunning...
You know what?I don't drive,I don't like and always been afraid...but I enjoy and like racing and like to see the design of the cars,I always think about the people behind a car design,how they develop those things,the engineers...its amazing...haha Im caind of wierd ha?
After we went in a Yatch club closer to the fair,beautiful place,we tryied my new lenses a sigma up to 300mm,cool toy!
Then we got some lunch in a charming cafe...was a perfect day!
I fell recharged for one more week!

Oh the K7 and botle is from and ,its a fun generator,take a look in their site and have fun!


micayla said...

Dude that Vodka bottle is great, may have to try out those sites!!!
I dont drive either but love cars, maybe one day i will have to have lessons!!!!

Lilo said...

Thank you soooo much for your sweet comment on my blog. I love your style! Actually I saw you on the Sollentunamässan at Skapa Hobby, it was you wasn't it?

paola*péia said...

neat that the nice weather is finally arriving up there..... no one in the world deserves long winters!!!! and then you went to the cars fair with pink shoes!
You rock!
loved the bottle and the tape!

angela said...

and you went to the fair with pink crocs and pink blouse, afff..I really need a croc!!!! rsrs

very starlight style!!!


*Ma* said...

Luuu! Belas fotos! Parabéns..

*fauve* said...

Awesome pictures,love the nr.1!!And the wodka bottle is sooo cool :D

Si Alem said...

Aff será que se eu escrever em português essa sueca me entende? Bem vou escrever devagar pra facilitar.
Luzinha que legal a vodca e a fita cassete, vc que fez como naquela placa que me mandou? Eu adorei! Como faz isso? É Photoshop?
Amei as fotos passeando hein?

kaká said...

uau, qta foto linda!!!!E cade o cabelo loiro mulher, e essa garrafa super legal....

Faby said...

Lu quanta foto linda!!! Eu amei tudo!!!
E vc neste carrão hein, fala sério!!ahaha


One cool chick said...

what fun pics! i have got to try that vodka

Rhi said...

i love when you blog! rocking the car there chicka. uber sexy ;)

GeVisacri said...

adorei as fotos... Quando é que você vai postar aqui as últimas coisas lindas que voce fez pra eu poder comentar? nunca sobra espaço :-(. Bjussssss e um ótimo final de semana

Marta said...

Luzinha que fotos maravilhosas...aff e aquele carrão...demais. Amei a garrafa ahah bjs

Miapuh said...

Hope everything is fine :)
Do you like the brads &stuff I left at Skapa for you? :)
Have a great weekend
Hugs, Mia and the cool Odd