Monday, June 28, 2010


Do you remember that Tutorial I gave you couple of weeks ago?
So here is two LO's using the yo-yo technique you've learned:)

Hope you like it too.

Here you can see the bows and yo-yos :D

Have a creative week.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

KISS by Scrapdiary

The new scrapdiary collection this month is super cute and I had a blast working with it:)

This one is made on a canvas and inspired by one of the collection's papers.

Here my niece having some fun on my brother's strawberry fields at his ranch.

I'm loving to mix some quilling on my projects right now.
I need to improve my skill though.LOL

On this one you can see me and Celine at CHA Anahein last winter.

She is more than I could have imagine...she is sweet and talented and a true idol!
And an infinity source of inspiration!
Love ya chica!


Monday, June 21, 2010

I love prima.

And I would like to share some projects I did using their latest collection.
Thank you for looking:)

A special hanger for the sweetest baby girl Luiza.

Another LO featuring the sweet Luiza.

This is a mini album showing some of pics from my mom best years.
I loved how it turned out.
The album is made out of canvas something I did learn at last CHA with the fabulous girl from Glimmer Mist.
She rock big!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cosmo Cricket is such adorable brand!

I'm back from Sao Paulo and the week as FAB!
And I bring you today two new projects using the lovely Cosmo Cricket.
Hope you like it.

This one is a lift from my self.LOL
I just love it.
And seriously how cute is this sweet baby girl named Luiza?
I loved to shoot her,she is adorable!

And I did this little window to add more pics.
I hope her mom will love it as much as I did :)

And if you missed my little tutorial you can check it here

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Out of town

Hi ya all,
Thos is just a quick note to let you know that I'll be out of town till monday.
I'm goign to have some fun in Sao Paulo.
See you when I get back.
Have a great week and weekend everyone.

And I'm not going to live you without a LO.
So here are my new projects using the gorgeous
Angie de La Rie stamps:)

And the papers are awesome and they are the suuuuper cute and colorfull collection from Bisous US.
Seriously you can make so much from one paper's unbelieveble.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Scrapzine #2 & a new card's blog.

If you are like me you'll love this new challenge's blog.
It's from the brazilian girls.They are discovering the magic of doing hand made cards now!
I was asked to be the God mother of this project.
And I'm so glad I accepted :)
It has unique talented ladies,awesome inspiration and lots of prizes.
So do not miss it,click here.

And this is my take on the challenge.
All you have to do is to create a card using red and turquoise plus 3 different stamp images that aren't world art.
The link your work on thier blog to entered on the drawing.

My friend Thatianna Penna keeps doing a great job with her online magazine.
Even though most of you don't speak english it is a great source of inspiration.
So don't miss it and check it out here.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Let's CREATE pretty stuff!

Eavening everyone,
It's a pleasure to share another project with you.hope you like it and get inspired.

For this project you can use anything you like and you have on hand.
Then you'll need
some papers.
two paper flowers

Here we are with this fun project.
So to start you'll need a misty spray and moisture all around your paper.

Ola meninas,aqui estamos nos pra mais uma festa online.
Bom vamos comecar?

Pegue um papel pra ser seu background e molhe as bordas um pouquinho.

The just lightly wrinkle it using your finger tips.
Amasse delicadamente,seque com o secador de emboss.
(tudo pode ser acelerado com o secador de emboss ok?)

Prepare some acrylic with a little bit of water in a small container.
The drip it on the top of your paper.
Let it slide making long ways of paint trough the paper.

Agora prepare um pouco de tinta com agua num copinho e derrame no topo do papel,deixe escorrer.

Then with your fingers link the paint just on the paper's top.
Agora com o dedo una a linha do topo pra juntar a tinta.

Let it dry the apply some gesso on the center of your page.
Deixe secar e espalhe gesso no meio do papel.

While it's still wet,using a fork make lines on the gesso.
Enquanto o gesso estiver molhado,passe um garfo fazendo umas linhas verticais.

Then cross it over making like a grid pattern.
Depois cruze o garfo fazendo uma estampa xadrez.

Dry it with your emboss tool,while you are drying it some air bubbles will come up.
Let it happen cos it makes a cool effect.
Then paint it as you wish.
Live it aside for a while.

Seque com o secador de emboss e nao se preocupe se bolhas de ar comecarem a subir como se estivesse fritando o gesso pq o efeito eh bem legal tmb.
Depois de seco pinte.

Now punch 3 circles with 2" each.
Add some water spray taking care to don't soak it too much.

Corte 3 circulos pra fazer os fuxicos.
Molhe os circulos sem ensopa-los.

Now with your finger tips go around the edge making a ruflle.

Ai eh soh franzir com a ponta dos dedos as bordas dos circulos,como se vc estivesse fazendo um alinhavo imaginario.

Add a little cotton inside and close it with a button on the center to finish it.
Your paper yo-yos are done!
I know! How easy it is?

Coloque um pouquinho de algodao dentro e feche com um botaozinho.
Muito facil neh?
Quem diria que era assim que eu fazia???hahaha
Segredo revelado.

Cut two stripes of paper and spray some water to make a bow.
Agora corte e molhe duas tiras de papel pra fazer um laco.

Glue one of the stripes on the center.
And the other one you can cut to make the bow legs.

Junte o centro de uma das tiras e a outra corte ao meio pra fazer as pernas do laco.

Press the center of your bow and glue it.
Let it dry.

Esprema o meio e cole o laco.

Shape it as you want.
Enquanto molhado vc pode modelar como quiser.

Get a stripe of green paper to make a grass.You know how to make it already right?
Com uma tira de papel verde faca a sua grama,mas isso eu nao preciso mais ensinar pq todo mundo jah sabe como fazer neh?

Then cut some paper to make leaves and the stripes to make a twigg for the yo-yo.

Corte algumas folhas e 3 caules para o fuxico.

If you like you can print your photo in cardstock and then emboss the photo using UTEE.

Imprima sua foto num cardstock e use o UTEE emboss por cima pra dar aquele efeito lindo.

It makes a pretty cool look for the photo.
Thanks Corinne for teaching me this few years ago.

A Corinne quem me ensinou isso anos atras.

Add your photo to a mat and scrape the edges.

Agora acomode sua foto num papel de fundo e distresse as bordas.

Now get the 2 paper flowers and cut one of the petals to make a butterfly.

Agora pegue dias ou mais flores de papel,corte uma das petalas como na foto.
Fazendo isso vc vai ter uma borboletinha.

Add a little paper to enforce the butterfly's body.
Cole um pedacinho de papel no meio delas se quiser.

Now add some bling on it.
Agora cole uns blings no corpinho da borboleta.

And voila!
Put all your elements toguether embellish it and you'll have another outstanding project.

E la vamos nos,
Monte seu LO de acordo com a sua vontade e vc tera um projeto lindo e unico.

Thank you so much for join me once again.
And please hook me up if you make this LO.
I would love to see your creations.

Please don't use it for classes and sell it as your own.
Giving me the props will make me fell for sharing even more cool stuff with you on the future.

Hope you liked.

Muito obrigada a todos por estarem comigo mais uma vez.
E se vc fizer esse projeto nao esqueca de me mostrar, eu adoraria ver a sua criacao.

E lembrem-se nao use este projeto e seus complementos pra ensinar por ai em aulas ou eventos.
Se vcs sempre derem os creditos eu vou me sentir a vontade pra sempre dividir mais e mais com todos voces.

Muito obrigada e um beijao