Monday, May 17, 2010

Crop online is tonight.

Evening everyone:)
Let's do a LO toguether tonight?

So if you have the supplies I gave you yesterday you can start punching 4 corners of your cardstock.

Then take 4 scraps of paper and cover the punches from behind.

Now cut a polka dot red paper measuring 27 cm x 27 cm

Use the water pray to make the paper moisture.

Wrinkle the paper gently and do kike I did on the 4 corner as the photo shows you.

Use a little piece of thread to hold the corners like so.

It will looks like this.

Now hand draw 3 clouds,or use a template.
If you have never draw a cloud think about a popcorn shape. It will help you drawing it.

Now punch some circles and butterflies like these.
The largest punch has 2".
As well as the butterfly has 2"
If you don't have a musical sheet you can use a book paper.

Now layer the circles and fold in a half 4 butterflies,save one butterfly to be your base.

Glue toguether two pieces of butterflies by their bodies.
Do not glue the wings.

Attach the wings to the body.

Add a button on the lollipop flowers.

Now cut some cute images to embellish your project.

Now put them all toguether like so and voila a simple and cute project.
I hope you have enjoyed it.

See ya next time.

As explicacoes em portugues voces encontram no blog do Scrapdiary


Michelle said...

That layout is adorable Lucy! I'm gonna try to do butterflies your way... and you remind me of lollipop flowers again! Haven't made them in a while... :)

Renata said...

amei amei amei ^^

parabens pelo crop lindo d+

bju bju

Juliana Full said...

Caraca, Lu... coisas super simples mas com um efeito MARAVILHOSO !!!

Dri Gallinucci said...

Que sonho de LO!!!!!
Uma delicadeza, amei esses amarradinhos nos cantinhos do papel!!!!

Maravilhoso amore!
Vou fazer, depois te mostro tá!!!

risqueerabisque said...

Que lindo... nossa, tão simples e tão encantador! Vou liftar com o material que eu tenho! Afe! Lindo lindo lindo!



Deca said...

Amei de paixão este crop. Vou fazê-lo correndo!!!!

Rosana Garcia Hess said...

Gente....o quê que é isso...maravilhoso.....tô te seguindo....obrigada!!!!

anja said...

wauw very nice,tfs
gr anja

Eyovine said...

Great tutorial and such a lovely page =)

Julia Sáddi said...

Wow!!! Love it, Luzinha!!! I was not able to attend the Crop on-line, but I will surely try this project out this week. Thanks!!! xox Julia Sáddi

Julia Sáddi said...

Oi Luzinha!!! Adorei esse seu PAP, daí publiquei ele hoje lá no meu Blog. Abraço carinhoso, Julia Sáddi blog

LucianaW said...

Oi Lucy....passei pra conhecer e amei eu BLOG, lindo D+++!!!! Show de bola este post.
Estou seguindo para estar sempre a par das novidades!!!!

Daniele Pacifico said...

Tá lindo d+! Com certeza vou querer um igual! Obrigada pelo PAP!
Grande Bjo!

Pia U. said...

underbart projekt!
I will try that crinkling paper thing right now TFS!


Adorei seu blog! Amei esse crop! Pena que não vi antes!!! :)
Mas tá em tempo de tentar fazer um LO assim!
Jà tô seguindo!

linda loe said...

This looks great your rockingas always.
xoxox Linda

Lucila said...

lindo ficou isso!

Mireille said...

sweetie this is sooo friggin adorable!!!
will have to lift you some day!!