Monday, May 31, 2010

Bloom and grow.

Hi you all.
Today I just come here to tell you that I have been on the cinema to watch to Sex in the City2.
Dude what a fun movie I must say.
You know when you get out of the cinema felling so light when you really had a good time?
Yeah that's what I felt.
I loooooved the movie,the clothes,the story,Carrie's make up is beautiful.
The songs are so fun.
The whole movie is FAB!
If you haven't seen it I highly recomend.

And to don't let you without any project here is one I did few months ago.
Hope you like it.

Stay tuned for a new LO tutorial any time during this week:)


Rosana Garcia Hess said...

Lovely LO.Thanks for sharing
kisses from Brazil

Renata T said...

Adorei este lo Lu, ficou lindo!!!
Bjs ;^)