Tuesday, September 23, 2008

YES I'm officially a dumb...

Ladies I'm soooo sorry I have delete the last post by accident!
Please you all forgive me!
However if you still want to get the chance to have my paper line please just give me a comment again, would you?
I'll add your name in a draw.
I'm terribly sorry for the incovinience.
I was going to fix a little error then I clicked delete insted of edit post...
I'm so dumb.LOL
So here we go again with the pics of those papers so you can see if you love to have them.
Love you guys!
Oh yes and if you want to buy them you can send me an email and I will give all the informations you may need.
lucypapers at gmail.com

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Limited edition!

"For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.”

YAY Another paper line coming direct from Brazil to you:)
Scrapdiary has invited me once again to hand draw a paper line for them!
And it's here onther baby borned:)
"The Matryoshka collection"
Totally inspired by the amazing and rich culture of Russia that I'm fascinated for.
I'm verry happy with the results and seems that the Brazilian girls liked it too cos it's almost sold out!
How cool is that?
And if you would like to TRY to get some you can send an email to Paola it's
paola at scrapdiary.com.br
She'll give you the infos about shippment and prices.
So in a few weeks a box with my samples will arrive it here and I can't wait to play with them:)
And if you want to have a little taste of it please leave me a comment and I'll draw one intire collection to send to you.
Just a lil something to celabrate one more mile stone of my life:)
have a bright day you all:)
And I hope you enjoy it!

Okay meninas...
Me contem vcs gostaram mesmo dos papéis???
Eu já nao guentava mais guardar segredo do tema...tava doida pra contar pra vcs mas a Paola nao deixou!hahahaha
Eu nao vejo a hora de recebe-los e poder brincar e tao pouco posso esperar pra ver o que VCS vao aprontar com eles:D
Logo logo eu vou receber e fazer aqui um sorteio dos 6 papeis pra celebrar esse dia tao feliz:)
Amoooooooooooo vcs!!!
Thanks Super por mais essa oportunidade de mostrar o meu trabalho no Brasil!
Vc é a minha querida mais querida do mundo!




“Winter Palace”

“Bolshoi Dom”



Friday, September 12, 2008

Cool week!

OMG first of all I was thinking that today was thursday and not friday!!!
When my hubby got home from work he said darling tomorrow will have dinner at that special restaurant I promissed you...
And I was whaaaaaaaat?
What I was thinking?
Or in wicth cave do I live???LOL
Now I gotta to run cos on monday I'm going to Holland to pick up some special supplies for my class at Scra-a-Ganza!
OMG I haven't told you that?
Yehhhh I'm so thrilled to be on this big European event held by Scrapbooking mate!
I'll teach two special classes filled with tricks and techniques.
So if you wish you can go and meet me there in november:)
I'll add the link here soon.

What else?
Oh yeahhhh
Also on monday the new collection will be avaible at SIStv.
It's called Social butterfly and it's UBER cool!
My favorite so far,I loved everything from this kit.
Don't miss it cos it will sell like hot cakes:)

You can see some samples I did using this collection down here.

Ahhhh Deu a louca e hj eu resolvi falar em portugues com vcs pq sao muitas coisas acontecendo e eu nao quero deixar vcs de fora das noticias...hahahaha

Olha meu tipo, eu tinha certeza de que hj era quinta feira:P
Quando o Musse me chega em casa e fala nao hj é sexta amanha a gente vai jantar fora naquele restaurante que eu te prometi...e eu aiiiiieeeeeee que maravilha,mas ao mesmo tempo eu parei,olhei pra ele e disse:
Ferrou-sa vou ter que correr feito uma boba amanha pra deixar tudo pronto....
Ele só chaqualhou a cabeca...hahaha

Sabe pq eu vou ter que correr?
É que eu vou pra Holanda na segunda buscar o material das minhas aulas do Scrap-a-ganza!!!
Afff menina nao te contei essa?
Pois é eu vou dar aula nesse que é o maior evento de scrap por essas bandas.
Pronto morri né?
Mas vai ser bem legal, esperooooo.hahahaha
Brasileiras que moram aqui perto vcs bem podiam ir né???Imagina que folia?
Bom depois eu coloco o link do evento aqui pra vcs.
Vamos aos LOs que eu fiz pro SIS essa semana.
É que semana que vem vai ser lancado a nova colecao que se chama social butterfly.
Eu coloquei o selinho ali em cima pq se vc quiser comprar corre aqui e clica no selinho que ele te leva direto na loja.
Esse Kit vai vender todo nao só pq ele tá lindo mas pq ele vai ser usado na aula da Wilna que tem 100 alunas e todo mundo quer o kit entao tem que correr mesmo!
Anyway aqui estao os LOs que eu fiz.

This one I also used Angie Delarie stamps"city limits"
Did I mention that I loooove Angie's stamps?
And now soon she will realise her new chipboard line...I have seen them and it's to die for!
You can find her stuff --------->here :)

Nesse LO ai em cima eu usei o carimbo da Angie Delarie "limites da cidade" afff e nem te conto que já já ela vai lancar a linha de chipboards que sao uma coisa de lindos eu tive o prazer de ver e adorei to doida pra que cheguem os meus.
Vcs encontram as coisas dela aqui .:)
Por falar em Angie ela me disse que vcs estam arrasando e comprando várias coisas dela ela tá bem feliz:)

Well let's see the LOs...
Bom vamos ao que interessa,os LOs...

Essa é a Carol minha sobrinha linda e vitaminada!
I did a sequence of Los for my dear niece Ana Carolina,isn't she gorgeous???
Love her!

She is super cute and adorable!

Brasileirissima adora tudo que é da terrinha:)

Oh and this is me...few years ago and some pounds less...LOL
E esse Lo com fotos antigas de quando eu era loira e magrela...SPD preciso de um inibex alguém manda pra mim?hahahaha

Okay and now a special announcement...
I'll go to teach on Brazil next year!!!!YAY
I'm so pumped cos this is a HUGE event that happens every year and it's held by the powerfull Scrap SAMPA a big company from Sao Paulo!
It's so exiting I can't wait for this moment to come:)

Isso mesmo vc entendeu direitinho!
Fiquei extremamente honrada com o convite do Tarcisio pra fazer parte do time de professoras do Extravagance 2009!
Gente tem nocao?
Fazem dois dias que eu nao durmo direito...talves por isso que eu nem sabia que dia era hj!hahahaha
Isso vai ser bom demais.
Já tenho mil planos na caxola pra ensinar pra vcs,sério tem muita coisa que eu quero mostrar que eu vou sofrer pra escolher só algumas...mas prometo que vao ser as melhores que eu souber.
Bom entao vcs já sabem engordem os cofrinhos que eu sei que o evento é caro mas tmb vale muuuuuuuuuito a pena.
Quem foi esse ano saiu mega satisfeita e ano que vem promete ser melhor ainda!
Ai ai!

Bom por hj é isso,sentiram que eu to inspirada né?
Por isso eu aproveitei pra colocar todas vcs em dia com as noticias do lado de cá:)
Bom minhas queridas tenham um findi super divertido por ai que eu vou ter é que correr aqui...hahahaha
A gente se fala semana que vem!
Mil beijos.
Fazia tempo que a gente nao se falava em portugues...hahahaha

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Once upon a time

This week I took an online workshop with one of my favs fashionistas Jo-anne!
For me she's the Queen of vintage shabby chic and all things old!
No one work this with such grace like she does!
So Jojo Thank you so much for the wonderful time I love my book and I'm in love with everything I learned from you.
And if you missed her class I highly recomend you to take the next one!

Here's the book she taught us.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


So about 3 months ago I was browsing around flickr and I've found this wonderful artist called Debrina Pratt.
She is so fantastic so fantastic it's almost like magic.
I felt totally enchanted by her art and I had to lift one of her pieces.
Oh well but then even if I try to lift her I'll never be able to get even close to the magic work she does:)
Don't miss it you can find her work here
So couple of days ago I woke up inspired by her and I had to do something similar for my scraproom and here's the results.
Hope you like and get inspired by her like I did.

Monday, September 01, 2008

New projects from last week.

The new Urban Prep collection from SIS is now avaible.
It's such adorable collection and I have done 3 projects with it already.
As you can see I'm in a green mood lately. :P
And this first one is literally green cos I recicled an old package.
Let's save the planet people!
It's like a little house door hanger.

This one I did the Lo in a standard size.
But then I decided to cut around and I ended up with this shape.
Kind of like how it turned out.

This was inspired by my old patchwork stuff.
I was missing to do some patch so thats why I did it like this.
The flowers are made out of a hand made paper that come with the Urban Prep collection.

This was a random one just because I miss my family...
So this is to remind me of them everyday.
I have it hanging on my wall here at my studio.

And this is far my favorite from the week!
I love Angie Delarie stamps and this week I recieved some new ones from her and this is what I come up with.
The background I learned with my dearest friend Dan from Brazil.
And it's crumple masking tape painted with acrylics.

A little cupcake.
So much fun to do,but not a fast project though...

And here is a little illustration I did for my friend Annie.
Her DD is the cutest and wearing her grandpa's boots are priceless.

Okay lovelies that's it for today.
I'm not sure if I'll come up with something good this week but if I do I'll let you know.