Thursday, September 18, 2008

Limited edition!

"For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.”

YAY Another paper line coming direct from Brazil to you:)
Scrapdiary has invited me once again to hand draw a paper line for them!
And it's here onther baby borned:)
"The Matryoshka collection"
Totally inspired by the amazing and rich culture of Russia that I'm fascinated for.
I'm verry happy with the results and seems that the Brazilian girls liked it too cos it's almost sold out!
How cool is that?
And if you would like to TRY to get some you can send an email to Paola it's
paola at
She'll give you the infos about shippment and prices.
So in a few weeks a box with my samples will arrive it here and I can't wait to play with them:)
And if you want to have a little taste of it please leave me a comment and I'll draw one intire collection to send to you.
Just a lil something to celabrate one more mile stone of my life:)
have a bright day you all:)
And I hope you enjoy it!

Okay meninas...
Me contem vcs gostaram mesmo dos papéis???
Eu já nao guentava mais guardar segredo do tema...tava doida pra contar pra vcs mas a Paola nao deixou!hahahaha
Eu nao vejo a hora de recebe-los e poder brincar e tao pouco posso esperar pra ver o que VCS vao aprontar com eles:D
Logo logo eu vou receber e fazer aqui um sorteio dos 6 papeis pra celebrar esse dia tao feliz:)
Amoooooooooooo vcs!!!
Thanks Super por mais essa oportunidade de mostrar o meu trabalho no Brasil!
Vc é a minha querida mais querida do mundo!




“Winter Palace”

“Bolshoi Dom”




Yvonne said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaah I so love them!!

Julie said...

Just lovthe colours in these papers. Yummy

Nevis said...


Meri said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!! I want them ALL!! They are just fantastic, querida, the best collection you´ve done so far... quiero, quiero, quiero.... todos!!! Besitos!!

Paty Trevine said...

Lu, adorei, mais uma vez, vc arrasou, parabéns!!

Nichol said...

HELLS YEAH i want some of those papers!!!

they are so cute!

Gerjon said...

O Lucy send them to me please I love this so much.The colors are wunderful together.
Groetjes Gerjon

Anonymous said...


I NEEEEED to win these.
They are Uber-fabulous.

Where can we get them?


PS I loved your SIStv class. Thanks for it!

Mexx said...

oooooh my godness these are the bom!!! i love it to bad you can not buy it here, i love to get my hands on it...and how great the ask you again ,,,your the best you fit so in this paper line love it hope to see you soon sometimes loves karin sister name Mexx

Ellen said...

Oh my!! Fantastic papers!!! I would really really like to have them, especially since my boys have a Russian dad, and I've lived there myself:o)

tallynt said...

wow lucy these are gorgeous, i love the litte babushka dolls (i think that is what they are called) - bright colors and so much fun. Congrats on creating another line. I am still waiting for the I Love Lucy line here in the states. =)

The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

OMYGOSH Lucy...this is the most BEAUTIFUL paper I have EVER SEEN.....holy WOWWWWWWWWWW.....pleasepleasepleaseplease include little ole me in your drawing! :):):):):):)

Julie :):):):):):):):):):):)

Simona said...

OMG Lucy, they are FAB!!! Are they for sale on Scrapdiary?!? ...I tried to enter the site but I don't understand a single word o_O!
Anyway, gorgeous work!!!

Tricia Wilson said...

Oh my goodness! These are beautiful. Congrats Lucy on the "birth" of a new baby. You should be very proud!

Simona said...

Thanks for the tip Lucy, I'll send an email to Paola. In the meantime I did the registration (well I guess I did it... ehmmm portuguese is not as similar as italian actually, LOL!)
P.S.: your package isn't still arrived, I'll inform you a.s.a. I receive it ;-)

Bree Stanley said...

These are awesome!!! You are so talented :)

hollystar said...

your papers are fabulous! love those little dolls!!!

Diane B. said...

oooh! those papers would be so happy on my scrap desk right now! love the whimsical designs!

Kimmy said...

OH your paper is beautiful!!!!!
You are so talented!!!

Sweet Marie said...

You totally rock girl. Those are the cutest papers ever. I totally need them !!!

(SweetMarieEve on SIS)

MandieGirl said...

So cool! Thanks for the chance and congrats!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh - LOVE these!!! :) :) :)

Sarah Moore said...

I would love to get my hands on these! so cute!

Bonnie Kellner said...

these are absolutely FAN*TAS*TIC!

I love them! :-D

Casey said...

Oh my goodness, you are such a fabulous illustrator! You need a US product line!!!!

Peggy Severins said...

These are just so cute, love them. Great job!

marsha. said...

Gorgeous papers Lucy! I love the babouscka's!!!

Lori W said...

Lucy..these are gorgeous! I'd love a chance to play with them! I actually lived in the former Soviet Union for 2 years and haven't scrapped all the pics...these would be perfect!
lorwilb on SIS

Lynette said...

This is fantastic Lucy...I love it.

angi said...

I LOVE these & would love to win some!

COngrats on being asked to draw them - what exciting news!

almadr said...

wow - love the colors.and the labels are beautiful

Thinkie said...

yummy papers!

Katja said...

These are beautiful are soooooo clever....need to get hold of some of these for sure :)

*fauve* said...

cute cute cute Lucy!

linda loe said...

ohhh girl you rock love it all.

ana salgado_aguiar said...

foi voce que desenho os papeis foi isso!!!

felicidades que lindo!!!

sera que em frace eu vou poder compralos

beijinhos ana

paulavicente.artfactu said...

Linda Star, parabéns e os papéis são lindos. O que eu não dava para ter uns....Uma semana fantástica!

Mireille said...

hon this looks soooo lovely!!!