Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Scrapzine #2 & a new card's blog.

If you are like me you'll love this new challenge's blog.
It's from the brazilian girls.They are discovering the magic of doing hand made cards now!
I was asked to be the God mother of this project.
And I'm so glad I accepted :)
It has unique talented ladies,awesome inspiration and lots of prizes.
So do not miss it,click here.

And this is my take on the challenge.
All you have to do is to create a card using red and turquoise plus 3 different stamp images that aren't world art.
The link your work on thier blog to entered on the drawing.

My friend Thatianna Penna keeps doing a great job with her online magazine.
Even though most of you don't speak english it is a great source of inspiration.
So don't miss it and check it out here.


LucianaW said...

Lucy muito lindo o cartão e a revista esta show de bola!!!

thati penna said...

AI Lu, obrigada!!!
Obrigada tambem pelos projetos lindos !! AMei...ou melhor...amamos!

Cacau Waller said...

Seu blog ta lindo!!!

Nan Abrahão said...

Lúuu!!!! Minha estrela preferida!!! Saudades de vc!!! Tá tudo lindo e perfeito .... as always!
Bjs meu e de mamys!!!!