Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cosmo Cricket is such adorable brand!

I'm back from Sao Paulo and the week as FAB!
And I bring you today two new projects using the lovely Cosmo Cricket.
Hope you like it.

This one is a lift from my self.LOL
I just love it.
And seriously how cute is this sweet baby girl named Luiza?
I loved to shoot her,she is adorable!

And I did this little window to add more pics.
I hope her mom will love it as much as I did :)

And if you missed my little tutorial you can check it here


Julia Sáddi said...

Beautiful, Luzinha!!! I have seen all your Tilda Cards that got published on the last edition of Guia do Scrapbooking e Cia and... the more I see, the more I fell in love with them!!! xox Julia Sáddi

*kim* said...

*sigh* I sure do miss seeing all your wonderful creations over on SIStv. In fact I miss that place altogether. So glad you are posting some eye candy for your "fans" to see. :)

Dri Noleto said...

Simply perfect!!The lo, the photo!
Loved your blog, everything is different!!

Dri Noleto said...

Luzinha, your projects are always inspiration for us scrappers!
Everytime I stop by I spent at least one hour reading, looking everything!

Katinha said...

Lindoooooo esse LO!!
E Que baby mais linda tb!!!

LucianaW said...

Lucy, que coisa mais linda...o projeto e a linda princesa!!!
Seus trabalhos são inspiradores e merecem lifts e mais lifts...rsrsrs

Marcia Valesca said...

Posso amar tudo? Então tá, amei!!!

Guylaine said...

Good day! I'm one of your quiet Fan! :)
I'm from Quebec and I manage a challenge blog where every week I post a "blog to discover" This week I choose tour blog.
I took some image from your blog, I hope it's ok with you, if not, please let me know.
You can see the message here (in French): http://karmascrap.blogspot.com/2010/06/blog-decouvrir-lucy-folch.html

Nat said...

oh this is so gorgeous- love this girl!

Mari Monteiro said...

Nossa, Lu, quanta página linda!
Alías, teu blog tá com uma "cara" ótima, tudo branquinho...adoro!!!
Adorei te conhecer, mas ainda espero poder ficar mais pertinho pra te ver com a mão na massa..rs Coisa de fã, sabe?
Não fiquei com nenhuma foto nossa na minha máquina, acho que aquela no carro está contigo. Se estiver manda pra mim, please!!

Kawi said...

I love your blog!