Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fashion week spirit!LOL

One more just for fun.
Rhi as you can see I saved the paper from your cute package...LOL
I just couldn't trow it,and now it became a skirt for this dress...haha


Rhi said...

Oh its so beautiful! I'm all for the recycling...especially when its something as pretty as this!

Kim said...

That is Gorgeous!!!! So cool that you used the tissue paper!!!

Miapuh said...

Wow, so cool dress :)
I hope you can use some of the stuff I left at Skapa to you :)
I will try to do more cool stuff like you and not so "cute stuff" like I used to ... hihi
Have a great weekend
Hugs, Mia

Anne Sereguetti* said...

Minha queridaa!!
Acredita que aquele dia não consegui ler suas explicações? O msn travou! Affff! SPD!
Ameiii esse!
Lov u

Elker said...

Vc é chicmesmo, não? Definitivamente Diva das neves,rsrsrsrs
Obrigada pelas palavrinhas cheias de carinho ontem... Bjs

*fauve* said...

owmy it's perfect!!love it :)

One cool chick said...

lucy this is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

hahahahhaha! Well...... Shoulda' known..... You're just as talented, CRAZY, WILD and different as always!!! YEAH!!!! Lotsa' hugs! Talk at you later! Be a good crazy kid!

Regiane Santos de Aguiar said...

Lindo! Amei. bjs

Charin said...

This is soooo cute! And creative! Wow!

Peterlina said...

Glad you like my scrap! Of course you can link to my blog! *honored*

You're really talented!