Thursday, January 03, 2008

Look what she did for me!

OMG I literally falled down from my chair now!
Okay everybody has one,two,tree idols on this business...but seriously Céline is one of the first people I remember to be admiring and drooling over her work!
Like an idol,but she is so much more than an idol,she is a verry special girl,human being,a sweet friend!
And for all of that I would like to put my hands together and give her my best aplause!
You are so incredible talented,so humble and even so, one of the best in the world!
Luv ya girly and thank you so super much,really thank you!

Oh okay and today i woke up and whent to SIStv message board to chek the news...and there it was screaming in front of me... one thread...
A SIStv has an open call to new fashionistas!
OMG I applied,I know it will be a hard task with those seriously talented people around there.
I give it a shot cos as Corinne says you'll never know what can happen if you don't try.
So girls I really encourage you to try too,it doesn't hurt and on the end even if I don't make it at least I had tried!
So good luck to all of you out there who is brave like me to try this DT:D


Céline Navarro said...

hey hon - i love you too! :) I'm SO happy you like my layout! :) you look SO beautiful on this picture!

I entered the Fashionista DT contest too - I did last year, got in but had to say no,unfortunately, due to other reasons. But this time... :D Glad you tried, and you'll definitely be IN, honey! :)

Georgia Visacri said...

Menina, eu amei essa página, tinha visto no SIS, que demais!!!!!!
quero te agradecer por ter escolhido uma página minha. Vindo de você significa tudo para mim. Fazer parte de uma lista dessas realmente é maravilhoso, obrigada!
Espero que você tenha um super 2008 e realize muitos sonhos! bju enorme

tina said...


You would make an awesome Fashionista! You are sooo talented. Good luck!

Marta said...

Eu tb vi no SIS esse LO e realmente tá maravilhoso!Grande 2008 pra vc Luzinha!bjs

*fauve* said...

Saw it on Flickr and it's so awesome!!She really is a beautiful person!I wanted to try for SIS too,but i'm scared whaha

***TATTY* said...

Lindo mesmo...BJuS

Si Alem said...

Que linda essa página. Adorei!
Só tô brava que vc não escreve mais português.

Kellie said...

Lucy how could they not choose you girl! Your super talented!!!! :)
Going to use your pictures soon to scrapbook with! ;)

Simone Sena said...

Que lindo...
saudades de vc amora...