Monday, November 03, 2008

Hey you all:)

OMG I know I know I have been such a bad blogger again...But please someone tell me that I'll have more time to spend on the internet soon?
Yeah I don't think is never slow down right?
Anyways...Just want to share the book I did on Martha's class at SIS.
Seriously she is amazing and I'm telling you don't miss the next cos for sure she'll rock again:)
So I'll leave you with the pics of this special book I did for my mom:)

PS I hope to see you soon:)
If I find more time to my days.LOL


Mexx said...

hi sweetie,, just saw your book drooling here love every page love it ....and just two weeks ago when i see you again yeah i am collecthing all things here and made something for under your X-mas tree hi hi loves karin and see you reall sooon bye now

The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE how your book turned out Lucy....this is absolutely beautiful! :):):):):):)

Julie :):):)

Riko said...

Nice blog

coul you visit mine

thank you

Jenny Bergvall said...

So lovely girl!!!
Your mother gonna love it to.

Meri said...

Oh, so beautiful and ispirational, Lucy! Love the "spaguetti war" page and really like what you´ve done with the mist at the end of the book! Mine is also finished but have to get some rings tomorrow and then I´ll post it in my blog, right now I just have a sneak... ;) I agree, so fun to do!! Lots of love!

Scrapterapia said...

Este blog aceita comentários em português?
Sorry, but I don´t speak english.
Adoro tudo que vc faz, mas hoje deu tempo de deixar um comentário....
Seu álbum ficou divino...

Gisela Perim said...

Minha star...
Benza a Deus ...sua inspiração ,bom gosto,e talento..meus olhos agradecem por vc existir e ver tudo que faz!!!!
Muito show!!!!

Ana Dantas said...

Nossa Luzinha ficou demais esse mini!!!!!
Super vintage!

Erika said...

Lu está um troço de tão maravilhoso!!
Aafff mil x!!!!!
Que saudades de vc!!
Olha só, onde vc consegue essas bonecas de papel vintage? Sou LOUCA por elas. Tem site disso?
Love tou!!!!!!!

thati penna said...

Como diz a Anne: Deuses!!!!!

danzer53 said...

love that book! the vintage with the colors is so fabulous!

lauren said...

wow! wow! wow!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh... love the book!

Carmem Lucia Calvo said...

Aff, isto é um tesouro para ser guardado pra sempre!!!!!

Shalay said...

Wow, that book is amazingly creative and artistic! I love it!


Hi sweet Lucy, very nice this book! Wauw...your mother will be very proud with yours.

Hope see you soon, scraplove Kirs xxx

Penelope Gan said...

u r so talented.

Aninha said...

ta d +++++..amei amei amei!!!!
bj bj bj

domestic goddess said...

your mum will adore this book and teasure it, stunning hunny xxx

Martha Bonneau said...

You and your beautiful book make me so very happy :)


Nina said...

Ficou lindo de viver.Amei!!