Friday, November 28, 2008

The story of my life mini book.

Here's my mini book using the homebody collection.
Oh well you all know I have melted the LP to make the flowers right?
I couldn't throw away the covers...
So because my LP was about a broadway musical,and I love musicals,I decided to use the covers as my pages to tell my love story with the roller skating:)
I have done it for more than half of my life.
For so many years I was all about trainning,skating,jumping and spinning!LOL

I used every single bit from this collection.I had such a blast!
And for the first time I used the BIA...and I must to confess...for someone who doesn't really like gagets I'm prety much in love with it.LOL

All the papers used here are from the collection except the tissue under the spanish photo and the ones used on the last photo.
Some embellies are not part of this collection as well as the thickers.

Hope you get inspired to make so mini books using LP covers now:)


thati penna said...

que maximo Lu...isso é o q chamo da scrap de conteudo!! fazer scrap com historia e poesia...ameiii...alem de lindo né??? A encadernação foi com seu brinquedo novo??? Eu quero!!!


peata said...

cool little mini album.
i'm off to look for the lp flowers now...sounds interesting.
making mini albums
mini album blog

Em said...

Lucy, that book is brilliant.SO colourful and so 'you'.

I have left you something on my blog;)

Meri(txell) said...

So beautiful! Love the picture with the Spanish costume... OLE, CHICA!! Besos y feliz adviento!

Erika said...

Ai meus sais!!!!!! Que coisa + linda e sensível!!
Tô emocionada aqui.
Love you

domestic goddess said...

such a beautiful album Lucy, lovely to see photos after you have talked so much about your love for skating :)
hugs xx

shaina said...

this is fantastic!!! :D awesome job.

Penelope Gan said...

awesome Lucy.
gosh - you can do the flamenco?!? whoaaaa....