Saturday, February 02, 2008

Thank you dearly

I'm coping here the words from Corinne she explained much better than me...LOL
So then you can see what i'm trying to say on the post below:)

"Our friend Kirsty(cupcakekirsty) needs our help, actually her daughter Ellie does. Ellie is a a sweet and happy 12 year old who can't funtion like a normal 12 year old. Kirsty and her husband have been to many doctors but non of them knows what Ellie has. They said to her: "well what you see is what you get with her". and with those words they had to give it a rest. Something that is unacceptable for every parent I think.

Kirsty is one of the sweetest woman that I know and such a good mother for Belle, as she lovingly calls her daughter. She has shed so many tears over this and now there is an oppertunity to help Ellie get a diagnose and who knows even treatment. They are offered to be seen by a group of American doctors and specialists, a dream come true for them.

Now here is where you can help out. In order to get there they will have to raise 5000 Pounds. In return Ellie will walk a mile with out her stroller, which for her is like walking 7 miles. You can read all about this fundraising HERE and THIS is what Ellie had to say about it, isn't she the cuttest?
Corinne's words"

Okay and because for me is pretty hard to make a donation I decided that I want to help Belle as well,after all she is the sweetest young lady ever,and after she said "thank you,thank you dearly"my heart just melted with her sweet voice,her angel look and her cute Britsh accent!
Okay so I've made this apron just for her.
We'll make an auction for it.
I'm not sure yet when the auction will start and where...
But it will be verry soon and I'll let you to know about it okay?
And then this Apron can be all yours,it's hand made by me filled with LOVE and HOPE!
So if you like it leave a message here for us with your email.
And I'll keep in touch to tell you when the auction starts.

Belle darling you are adorable,I love you!


corinne5 said...

wonderful wonderful again, hope it brings lots of money!


D@nielle said...

wow this one is lovely too ! Here I am still thinking how I can help besides just donating and you go and make something so lovely for an auction ! I'm sure it will bring in lotsamoney ;)

Peter said...

Nothing I would (manage) to do or wear. But hands up for the great craftwomanship.

Si Alem said...

Que aventalzinho mais lindo, com passarinho e árvore, aff um luxo!!

Marie said...

You are so sweet and that apron is just as sweet! Wonderful cause!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

that apron is the best thing EVER. And I am so happy thats it filled with LOVE and HOPE!
Loves ya Looooooose xx

Silvinha said...

LInda atitude.. lindo o avental!!!!!!!!!!!!! ainda mais feito por vc!!!!!!!!!!!! bjs!!!

*fauve* said...

That's so fab girl,youre such a cool rollmodel :D

***TATTY* said...

Luzinha!!!! Help! Ganhei lá o CS Toy será que eu vou ter problema pra receber meu super mega prêmio? Qq coisa vc me fala, please!? Vou mandar o endereço pra eles (não sei quem lê...kkk) vê se vc consegue fazer daqueles esquemas pra eu não ser taxada...kkk...Fiquei preocupadíssima...kkkk


Drycka said...

Eu quero!!! Eu quero ajudar!!!
Está um loooosho!!!!
bjks mil