Tuesday, September 08, 2009


What’s something you want to accomplish before you die?
I’m just passing through that phase where the feeling of having a baby is making me a stronger woman. Although I can’t have a blood related child I have a strong feeling that I’ll adopt a little one soon. As sooner my husband and I can get together again. Right now the world crises had us apart, but it won’t last longer. For us it doen’t matter the color or the sex cause we just have so much love in our hearts that we already love the baby even before we have him or her in our arms. It’s a love that is bigger than any word could ever say. I know for sure the day that I’ll be a better woman is arriving soon.

It's was a pleasure to be GD for this week's at creative therapy.
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Update on my mom...
Unfortunally the treatment for her is just so she can have some comfort and dignity.
More than that just a miracle...
Thank you so much you all for the good toughts and prayers.
This means the world to us.


Claudinha Antunes said...

Luzinha, querida
Continuo orando para que vocês possam enfrentar tudo com muita Fé e Paz em seus corações. Beijo

Jenny Bergvall said...

Hej Lucy,
I so hope that you will become a mother soon. You'll be a great one I know!!
My thoughts are with you and your mom. LOVE och KRAM Jenny

corinne5 said...

you are going to be such a great and loving mom and any child should be so thankful to have you as a mom! I am still praying for your mom.


Moon said...

I think your a great mom too couse I love your huge sence of humor and you can solve a lot of things with that
I wil stil do my little prayers for your mom
Hugs Moon

Gigi said...

Lu querida, penso em vocês todos os dias... Aproveitem cada minuto e saiba que vc é uma pessoa muito amada, te desejo muita força e muita luz! bjs no seu coração...

Dri Gallinucci said...

Lu, tb penso muito em você e na mami, espero que vocês estejam bem linda, olha tb vim aqui pra deixar um selinho procê que está no meu Bloguinho!

Força querida fique bem!!!!