Friday, December 15, 2006

Here is the deal!
Coppin' it from Lisa's blog,check this thing out!
Its verry fun,and she took it from Kim another scraper's blog.

A - Available or single: Married
B - Best friend: my husband
C - Cake or pie: chocolat cake
D - Drink of choice: Cola light
E - Essential item you use everyday: my computer
F - Favorite color: all I just don't like grey
G- Gummy bears or worms: Neither (blah!)
H - Hometown:Curitiba-Brasil
I- Indulgence: anything chocolate
J - January or February: January!!!It's a summer time in Brasil,love summer!
K - Kids & names: nop
L- Life is incomplete without? family
M- Marriage date: 2002-05-16
N- Number of siblings:ahaaaaa 5!Thanks Nana for explaining me what means it!hahahaha
O- Oranges or apples: oranges
P- Phobias or fears: I don't have it,I
Q- Fave quote: "Let your legs carry your body,and your heart carry your dreams!"
R - Reasons to smile: A new scrap toy...
S - Season: Summer
T - Tag 3 or 4 people:Oh that I do often...LOL
U - Unknown fact about me: I´m not a real blondie...hahahahaha
V- Vegetable you don't like: paprica
W - Worst habit: be ancious
X - Xrays: cheek, knee, head...haha yes I am glowing in the dark :)Thats was a perfect answer from Lisa I'll keep it!
Y - Your fave food: lasagna the real italian one,not the one you find here in Sweden...LOL
Z- Zodiac sign: taurus


micayla said...

Hey girl, thanks for the message. Dont worry about the banner, im sure it will be worth the wait and i cannot wait to see it!!!
I know how busy this time of year is, im stacked out delivering pressies, shopping and trying to work and lead a normal life, but hey its all fun!!

PROLIX from la Normandie said...

hey, whatta good note!
and merci beaucoup for the note you let me!!!
I'm so happy!
hope you'll be able to jump on the crazy challenge!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Karin B said...

I somehow ended up here on your blog and realized that you live in Sweden (reading back a bit). I think I saw you scrapbooking in Gothenburg in September. You do alot of great stuff!

Karin B said...

Hej igen!
I live in Kalmar but my parents live near Gothenburg.
Thanks for visting my blog. Have a merry x-mas

Anne Sereguetti* said...

Meu amorrr!!
O calor tá desumano nessa cidade...insuportável!!
Quero neve!!!!!!!

ana said...

feliz natal

desejo lhe uma santa noite e que a lus deste natal ilumina a sua vida lhe trasendo sorte amor carinho e felicidades para si e para os seus

felis natal
fique bem
ana salgado

Nana said...

Amor da minha vida, que saudades!!! Te desejo um Natal cheio de paz e amor e com muitos presentes do papai musse noel...hi,hi,hi!! Adorei suas respostas do questionário!! Linda, não sei se vc sabe mas siblingns são irmãos ou irmãs... vc tem uma irmã fofa e linda a Daysinha... então coloca lá... hahahahahahaha... olha eu me metendo... etcha Diva enxerida... hahahahahahahahahah!!!! Afff amore, era só para te desejar o natal mais lindo do mundo e o próximo ano tenho certeza que será de muitas realizações para vc... explodindo com seu talento pelo mundo!!! Love you baby!!