Sunday, September 16, 2007

We have a Winner!!!

After many right answers I did a drawing today!
My hubby picked the name.
And the winner of this gorgeous "HAMBLY"rub on is...
The drums please!!!Mrs
Thatiana Penna!!!
Thanks everyone who participated on the play!

Thati querida vc ganhou!
Eu vou levar pra vc tá jóia?
Espero que vc curta o seu presentinho!

Lucy,Luzinha or Lu!

Linda Loe and Irene,I want the pics from the weekend.
Can you send it for me on my email?
luzinhavip at

I miss you already guys,it was so fantastic to meet you.
Lets plan a meeting here on Sweden next year?


thati penna said...

Jesuis amado!!!!
Fui eu!!!
Na verdade, eu fui investigar a calça que ela tava usando pra descobrir o pé! rsrsrs
Amei Lu, vou adorar mais ainda receber o prêmio pelas suas mãos!

Si Alem said...

Que bacana essas asas! Adorei!

PROLIX said...


hope you're well.
Take care.
I stop the practice and the publication of any scrapbooking things since this moment.

Indeed, since 2005 such several things began to happened without stopping
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I totally understand it exists competition and concurrence into any professionnal areas.

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It simply can happen to anybody.

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Merci beaucoup and bonne chance to everybody!!!

Giant hugs!



{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Woman published more than 47 times since 1999,
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*fauve* said...

Owwwwww great price!Lucky winner :D

linda loe said...

Oh yes lets do that plan a weekend I come over. I love the idee never have been to Sweden.

I wil send you the pictures :-)
Groetjes Linda

Eminepala said...

Hey lucy

Did you love holland???? I couldn''t make it to the extreem weekend. HATE IT argh...


micayla said...

Hope you are all good girlie, it has been a while since I last popped on!

Tati Capelli said...

Calma. Pergunta idiota: que raio de pergunta era essa que eu cacei por todo lado e não achei??? hahaha! Olha a perdida pegando o bonde andando! D. Lu... cadê suas fotos? Quero saber quantas caras vc tem.... viu o meu post lá no blog?

Tati Capelli said...

Primeiro: entendiiii!
Segundo: vou ficar esperando a Sra. ter tempo, então! Promessa é dívida!
Terceiro: Vou fazer! Que tal um aporta bem decorada, exclusica? hahaha Um LO gigante na porta toda... eu levo os enfeites e a gente cola tudo lá!
Quarto: Quero só ver quando vai começar a cair a ficha do pessoal... hahaha! Será que elas demorarm pra se ligar?


TessaAnnWatte said...

Hi Lucy,
I just wanted to stop by and wish you a wonderful weekend :)
Tessa Ann