Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Beautiful banner!

Yay my dear friend Junia gave me the stamp of a beautiful banner!
How kwel is that?LOL(I'm learning some new stuff)
I guess if I spend some days close to Elly,Martha or Lee I'll learn a bunch of kwell stuff,love those pees!super LOL
Anyways back to Juju.
She is an awesome lady,I wish I could meet her someday.
She does digital scrap with a prime quality,it's really nice to see her work.
I know her from some years from scrapdiary and it's amazing to see how she changed,she had grow so much.
Now days she even does her on digi kits and stuff,pretty coo huh?
Juju dear thanks a lot,okay I know my banner is not the cutest but I like it and I think it's one of the coolest around...hahahaha
No seriously it's cuz It was an old,old,old digi scrap I did,like it was 3 years ago when I had no clue about photoshop,and I started to learn and it's kind of special for me.
So Juju thanks again you rock!


Tati Capelli said...

Mulher!! Preciso dos dados do seu vôo pra te buscar no sábado!! E preciso falar com vc URGENTE! Bjs

Cris Pansiera said...

Luzinha acabei de te enviar um e-mail do Amigo Secreto do IG!!!!VC precisa aceitar o convite para participar do sorteio!!!