Saturday, July 05, 2008

Our online crop was a success!

You can not even imagine how much fun it was!
We had the Slumber party at SIS this week!
Dude I had a blast!
If you like to follow the crop and make one LO like this for you just enter here.
You still have the chance so don't miss it and then show me what you did ok?

Anyway let me tell you,the orginal concept and design of this crop is from my dearest friend Silvana Barros she is an amazing scraper who uses unique supplies to make her work.
And that's why I asked her cos I really wanted to show you that you don't really need thousands of stuff to make an unique and full of style LO.
So that's why is always a nice surprise to see what Sil come up with her LOs.
So my darling once again I'm here in public to say a HUGE thank you!
You rock!

And Look the amazing work the girls have done.
I mean seriously how fantastic is to see the same idea in so many different ways?
It's like WOW a entire fashion collection on the runway and on the same theme and yet completely different!
It's art to my eyes and happiness to my soul!
Thank you so much to each and everyone of you who took the time to party with me.
I really appreciated that!
I hope to be able to make a new project so we can have more fun together:D
So till then happy weekend everyone:D

Silvana's orginal art.

This is mine











Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Wow Lucy! These all look fabulous! It's fun to see how we all did basically the same thing, but each person's personality shows thru and they all look different! This was a lot of fun! I hope we can do it again soon!

aka ravenea at sistv

Lisa Swift said...

How fun was the crop?! Thanks for teaching us all Lucy. xx

Mexx said...

hi girl great cool that every person has his own style in it love to see what other have done with it hope to do this another time loved it

Lisa said...

These look amazing, well done everybody!

Judean said...

Hi! I finished mine, and I'm really proud of the way it came out!

Thanks for the awesome directiond, it was super fun!!

Judean said...

oops, I forgot to leave the link :)

Donna said...

Those layouts are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! I love them so much! Thanks for the link!

Sharmaine said...

Wow aren't they all amazing!!!! Well done Lucy! Proud of you :)

*fauve* said...

They are all so fun!!!!

julochka said...

lucy--i'm so glad i found your stuff on SIStv, seeing what you're doing has been a huge breakthrough for me! i could not find my way in scrapping, despite loving the IDEA of it...and all the pretty papers...but your LOs have totally freed my mind. THANK YOU!!!

Sil said...

Lú do céu....só você mesmo amora!!!
Sabe que quando fiz esta página pro crop nem imaginei o quanto de idéias ainda estavam por vir....estou deslumbrada com a quantidade de trabalhos maravilhosos que foram feitos!
O que eu achava que era uma idéia bobinha acabou virando uma super produção em suas mãos!!!!
Obrigado pelas palavras e por tudoooo!
Tive um "Pití"quando ví isto....demais!

domestic goddess said...

lucy you are so talented, spreading your love to all your SISters!, i love all those layouts, you are such an inspiration
hugs xx


Love all these lo's!!!!!!! Your blog is beautiful! Kisses from México!

D@nielle said...

wow that looks great, too bad I missed that.

Adliz Jamile said...

Muito legal os Los que foram produzidos... Um mais lindo que o outro!!!
Adorei Luzinha!!!
Beijocas, Adliz!