Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My papers...that is...
It was a huge sucsess
I wasn´t expecting it however my latest collection by scrapdiary is all sold out!
Can you believe it???
Thank you so much you guys for all the suport
You have made a scraper really happy!
And the projects the brazilian girls have done with it had blowed me away!
Thats what I call to ROCK a paper collection!
Thank you thank you thank you!
Now Scrapdiary had to send to reprint them and I´ve got 100 of each print.
So if you still like to have some please leave a message here or contac me cos I may have some hidden on my sleeves!
And Paola thank you for believe in me!
Luv ya girly!
If you haven´t seen them yet,here they are...

Once again thank you so much guys!
You had rocked my world!
Stay tunned because a new collection will come sooner than you think!


Nan Abrahão said...

Lu, you really deserve ... you are our star .. and your papers and drawing ...and everything ... afff ... it's just perfect!!! Love U!!! Kisses

ju lima said...

Sweet Lucy, vc mereçe tudo isso e muito mais. QUANDO DEUS FECHA UMA PORTA EM OUTRO LUGAR ELE ABRE UMA JANELA... enjoy this.
Aplausos pra vc! e um abraço bem apertado.
love u.

Sharmaine said...

Gee I wish we could get your papers here.
LOVE what you have created!!
Hugs and a smooch ;)

Zarah said...

They are so cute!! I'm happy for you, that they sell well, but I am NOT surprised. :D

Nat said...

sniff- I would have loved to get those papers!!!

Dri Noleto said...

Dear Luzinha, I am really happy for your success and you do know you deserve it, don't you?
I am far sad because I didn't buy the first print, it means I didn't get my April kiss, ;((((
Anyway, I will try to get the lovely papers!!You are a great artist and you have a gift from God, everything you touch changes to something really beautiful!!!
Congratulations on your fabulous work!!
Bear hug, love:

Rosangela Philippsen said...

Parabéns... você é a nossa estrela encantanda! A coleção está divina, eu estou "in love" com eles. Parabéns, todo sucesso do mundo!!!

Chiquerrima said...

Voce é realmente uma estrela, seus papeis ficaram lindos, amaria te-los! Bjim

Erika said...

Lu amada, vc é linda de viver!!!!!!
TE AMO!!!!!!!

vinkie said...

Lucy congrats with the succes of your papers, when can we buy it in Holland I really love It


linda loe said...

Wow girl the paper looks fab. I did not look for a while on your blog so I missed it. And it is good to see you feeling better.
xoxox Linda