Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dominican Republic Rocks!

Awesome Place,blue water,warm weather,fun things to do,to see,to eat,to dive,to have fun!
And to show you just a little bit of it I've made this mini book using the fabulous summer collection from Scrapdiary.
Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

The book is hand made binded,super fun to do and I've learned it on the last CHA!

These papers are so fun!

They really are perfect for summer vacations!

The coolest thing is that now they come with some fun borders too!

Imagine paradise...and it's all inclusive!
OMG...perfection is the name of Punta Cana.

Drinks everyday...and every night!

How cute are these mermaids?

And to touch a live star fish was priceless!
...And this was on the open ocean!

Dude Jack Sparow have steped on this sand bank during Pirates of Caribean second movie!
I almost faint!
And that scene when the ghost pirates come from the water you know?was filmed here too.

Here were the atlantic ocean meets the Caribean...FANTASTIC view!

Ha! dance like there's no tomorrow!

11 swimming pools on this resort...I haven't seem them all!

Here we are on our way to dive with dolphins!

Sea shells all over the place...I mean the huge ones!

Nothing better!

It's my second time with them and I'll do it again over and over!

It's just the best thing on's the best thing on the ocean!

Simply unforgetable.
And this collection was made for those photos,don't you think?

Thank you Scrapdiary for realising amazing collections for us each month!
You guys really ROCKS!


*fauve* said...

WOW,these pictures and vacation looks amazing!!Looks like you had a fabulous time!(including some beers LOL)

Mônica Castro said...

que livro mais lindo !!!!
cada detalhe e fotos lindas ...
bjs !!!

那ㄟ安呢 said...


Márcia Elisa Ferraz said...

que álbum lindo! Que viagem inesquecível... como é bom viver a vida né ;)



Claudia79 said...

OMG! Such a lovely place and wonderful holiday-album!

Nina said...

Show!!! Lindo demais , adorei cada detalhe , nossa quanta criatividade só uma diva mesmo. Espetacular!!!

Dani Nascimento said...

Luzinha! Definitely, when I grow up I want to be like you!
You are what we have the very best and It makes me feel proud!
You are adorable like your arts and I loved meet you at Fun Scrap Party 4!
Success Always,