Saturday, January 06, 2007


I've been tagged twice!
That´s cool.
So 2007 is already here,and I know Im late,please forgive me,I promisse to visit all of you my friends ho had left me so many nice messages here.
I just need to find a little free time for it.LOL
So Im going to ansewr my french friend first and then I´ll do yours Carol.
So here it is:
1- "When you was 3 or so (little so), what kind of job did you wanna do, for your future???"
Oh well I was prety shure that I was going to be a fairy...weird...haha
Or a bailarina...

2- "And now, what is the job you're actually doing?"
Oh I'm lucky enough to be at home working on my arts and crafts,giving some classes once in a wile,and taking care of my Little jack ass husband!LOL
Oh no he is so cute.
Well I've been a finantial mananger once,but not anymore since Im so far from my homeland.
It's kind of hard to work here in Sweden,first I need to learn the language better.

3-"What kind of things is missing, to realize your professionnal dreams?"
Im quite happy with my life,but at this point what I miss the most is to have some kidos.

Prolix,we have the same "laugh on friday,cry on monday" thing!
Isan't that cool?

"Liz dear here is my entry to your CJ,I hope you enjoy it"!

Carol eu prometo responder logo.logo o seu tag ok?
Só preciso de mais tempo...affff
To pior que o coelho da Alice!
E ai vao as fotos do CJ da Liz que mora na Alemanha.

Feliz Ano Novo,Happy New Year,Gott Nytt År


Renata Batochio said...

aleluia! pensei que vc nunca mais fosse aparecer!
Tá tudo lindo! Vc é linda!

Prolix from la Normandie said...

Merci beaucoup for your answer!
You're so sweet!!!
Yes, I love this quote too! Cool we like the same! ;o)

Your CJ is great!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}