Sunday, June 10, 2007

And the winner is....

Well first of all I want to say a HUGE thanks to everybody!
Girls you rocked my blog and my world!
I'm so happy with all the good vibe and so much LUB from ya!
Thanks,thank you so super much,this meant a lot for me!
I wish I could send one to each and everyone...but unfortunally I must win the lotto first!haha
So no more torture...the winner is you
YAY Girl you rock and i can't wait to see what you'll do with them!
Hope you like and enjoy this lil gift!
I'll mail you to get your addy okay?
Huge hugs!!!

Amoras queridas eu fiz mais um sorteio exclusivo só pras minhas amadas amigas brasileiras e a vencedora tá lá no Scrapdiary,quem nao viu corre lá!


Si Alem said...

Que sortuda essas meninas! Logo logo teremos LO delas! Êbaaaa!
Beijo Luzinha, tô com saudade!

Silvinha said...

Ei Luzinha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parabéns por mais essa conquista!!! Vc merece todo esse sucesso!!!!!!!!!!!
Não pude deixar um recadinho antes porque viajei e fiquei navegando pelo celular do meu marido!!!!!!!!
Aí não consegui postar no prazo!!!!!! Só postei agora!!!!!!
Beijos, Silvinha

Nat said...

Yeaahh- congrats Francine!!!

dawn said...

You have an amazing blog and do great work - that's why I come back to see you ... have a great week hun :) xx

Francine said...

I'm finally coming over to thank you here! I'm super excited!!!