Saturday, March 01, 2008

Back on track:)

YAY!Category Stories is back in full power!
Check it out the awesome news we have.

OMG Tomorrow I'll to a short ski trip...I'm just telling you people if I desapier for more than two days it's because I'm totally destroyed.LOL
But it will be awesome to take some pics on the snow.
This year we had like 3 days of snow in Stockholm and that was it.
I kind of miss that beauty.
So have a great weekend everyone.
See you when I get back...if my muscles aloud me.


Yvonne said...
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Yvonne said...

This lo is so great! They always are, you always amaze me!

Loved meeting you at the syfestival! Waiting to see that LO, I went to Panduro today LOL!!

Have a wonderful trip and be careful out there! :-D

D@nielle said...

fab lo ! Have a great time in the snow, be careful ;)

Rhi said...

have a wicked time lovie!

***TATTY* said...

AHHHHHHH!!! Amei meu brinde do CS!!! Não sei se vc sabe o que foi....mas advinha???!!! Seu KISS dos cogumelos que eu adoro (kkk)
Fiquei super feliz agradeço de coração! Quero mais...kkkk!!! Adoro brindes...kkk
E parabéns pela conquista no SIS! Mais que merecido!

AnnaB said...

It was so nice to meet you the other day! I hope you have a great time skiing! :)

thati penna said...

ai q merece viu...aproveite bastante por mim , q to derrentendo aqui

Sharmaine said...

Why has it taken me so long to find your blog?? SILLY ME!!
Love your Category Stories page!!
Have a happy and safe trip :)

Anonymous said...

love your work !!! it is so totally different from what I do but it was fun to try to make a page according to your style ! we are making a challenge where we have to make a page according to somebody's style this is week it was you !
I am so happy I got to know your work !

Céline Navarro said...


BrigitteS said...

OMG !! this is an aweeeesome LO !!
Well do girl !! that really rrrrrocks !!!

thati penna said...

eu tenho um LO pra esse explica como faz?

Nina said...

Wow. Amazing gorgeous!

Céline Navarro said...

hey go check out my blog : you've been tagged! :)

susan j said...

LOVE that LO!! YUMMO!!