Monday, March 17, 2008


YAY We had so much fun this weekend at Gustavsberg with lots of SISters and friends:)
Here is some of their creations and fun moments.
Hope to see you guys soon!

Oh I have done some stuff too.LOL

I have done the Pencil Lines sketch from Corinne,I actualy remake it at home cos I've use Pia's new misty thing but I was not happy with the results,cos in crops I get all stressed and I've made a mess for real it was looking bad,I usually happy with my los but this one turned into such a crap that it was it again!!!LOL
 However I'm sure want to use those cool inks later on...
Maia had ripped of some stuff from her hubby t-shirt and I just loooove the way she scraps:D
Anelill is so neat her scraps are gorgeous!
Lotta's cards are to die for,so cute isn't it?

Anothe Maia's work it was not really finished yet but it was irresistable to take a pic of it.
mmmmm I don't know who made this one but it's also pretty cute.
Pia rocks her cats pics:D
I love the contrast with the red against the background's pic.
This was made by miss Paperalla...hahaha Mode I don't know how to write your name,forgive me?
Carina ROCKED this weekend she made such cute LOs!And her DD are just like dolls.

Look how gorgeous Nelly is?She looks like a blond BArbie:)
Malin did the cutest Easter egg,I love it so much that I think I'm going to Jack her idea!

Me and miss Paperalla she is just awesome!
Doris is the cutest and her voice sounds like a Disney princess,oh she also scrap and she does pretty cool stuff!

Maia's productions.LOL
Lotta crazy girl!Luv ya!!!
Anelill gorgeous!Chic chica!
These two together is laughing all the time,entartainement for sure!
Carina is the sweetest,and fun luv this girl!

Eva rocks big!Her cards are gorgeous and she rocks the pens!!!
Look her pen's a dream!When I grow up I want to have one just like yours:D

See you soon guys:D


Monica said...

Det verkar som att ni hade riktigt, riktigt kul!

*Fauve* said...

Looks like so much fun,i hope you enjoyed!But i bet you did :D

Malin said...

Thanks for aq wonderful day. I love your pics. Look forward to se your eastr egg too.