Thursday, April 24, 2008


Has always been a dream of mine to go.
And I'm going this weekend!wooohooooo!
I'm going to teach at Anna's retreat it will be 3 classes full of fun and the papers for my classes are sponsored by Scrapdiary!How cool is that?
To give the english ladies a chance to play with the awesome brazilian papers will be remarkable:D
My only and big concern is my crap know I'm all shy about that,cos I know I do many mistakes and all...but I just hope that they will forgive me for that and they will have some fun:)
So see ya when I get back,I wish you all a great weekend.


Donna said...

Have fun in England!!!

D@nielle said...

Have a great time, you will rock their socks off no need to be shy ! I can recommend the chocolate flake that you can get in the ice cream ....

Silvinha said...

tudo de bom pra vc em Londres!! amo aquela cidade!!! ai que saudades!!!! lu, sou professora de inglês e o que mais falo com meus alunos é que o importante é comunicar!! e isso.... vc sabe de sobra!!! seus posts em inglês e português!!! vc já sabe muito mesmo!!!!! vc vai arrasar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bjs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lilith said...

I just love London! this is my favorite city!
have fun!

Marie said...

Yay!!! Have fun sweetie!!!