Monday, August 04, 2008

Home decor

I'm not so into scrapbooking as home decor...LOL
I just can't handle more scrap stuff around my home I think I'll stick with the Los.
They are more than enough.LOL
However I did this lil vase or bouquet,as you wish,for scrapbooking mate-daily inspirations using some Luxe designs and the vase from a felt pocket from Ki memories. :)
And it was kind of fun to make it:)


anokas said...

Muito giro luzinha, olha deixei no meu blog um presentinho para ti, beijinhoss!! =)**

Natasja said...

soy un vaso muy bien!!
Did I put that right?! A well, love it!!

*fauve* said...

WOW that looks so cute!

Dana said...

Found you on Sis and had to come over and take a looksee at your blog! Love your scrappy delicious style!!

Anne Thompson said...

Hi there, I'm Anne. I found your blogg off of Micaylas! I had fun looking around!!

Rosangela Philippsen said...

Oi, Lu, tudo bem?
Nem preciso dizer o quanto amo todas as coisas que vc faz, né!!! Hoje vim aqui para pedir se posso liftar a casinha do seu LO "Rainy Day".

Cindia Fallgatter said...

Amei essas flores!

Renee Dowling said...

This is just gorgeous!

Si Alem said...

Nossa qta coisa linda! Além da criatividade suas fotos são espetaculares. Um beijo