Friday, August 15, 2008

Class,class,class my first online class!

Hi guys,
Today I come here to announce that my first online class is now avaible at SISboutique and you can sign up here.
Let me tell you I have done a project with so many tricks and techniques that it's impossible you don't enjoy it and find some of my very best secrets!
So come on you don't want to let me alone at the cyber classroom right?
I'm gonna show you how to make your own and unique paper embelishments that you never thought it was possible.
A Lo full of textures and layers giving it a real 3d effect.
Plus a bonus project and a complete PDF file with all instructions for you to do this project on your own time if you want and a live chat with me.

I'll wait for you there!


Dea Haenel said...

Luzinha, que coisa mais bacana. Adoraria fazer essa aula! Como funciona? Se não der para fazer on line, recebe o passo a passo depois, tendo comprado a aula?



Britta said...

ooooh wow - these are adorable! I fell for the pink one cause pink is always my favorite ;)

Nadja Sampaio said...

Luzinha, tbem gostaria de saber como funciona, pois comprando, não dá tempo de receber antes da data estipulada...