Monday, December 29, 2008

I have true friends!

And I'm so thankfull for that!
My darling swedish friends.
I just would like to tell you something...
You are in my heart... forever and I MEAN IT.
I'll miss you so much that's not even fun to think about it...
Remember this...You'll always have a special place in my heart and my home will be always open for you all!
Thank you so much for everything you have done to me.
It was more than you can even imagine...OMG...
I'm still in shock and I think I'll always be.
I love you girls dearly,love you forever and I'll never forget you.

Thanks you Petra,Beta,Pia,Carina,Annelill,Eva,MAria,Laila,Maud,Lotta and Maya!
I trully love you girls!

And a special thank you for my DAily Inspiration friends...
I will also miss you dearly!
I love you all and Heidi you are special.
Thank you once again for everything.

And for my Fashionistas darlings
Seriously you are all fantastic thank you all for all the support too.
You all heve a special place in my heart!

And this post is official to say a good bye to 2008!
Let's start the 2009  fresh and new.
With new adventures and stories to tell.
I'll miss Sweden and Europe.
I'll miss all the friends I have made during this period of my life.
But now is time for a new chapter on my book of life.
And I'm sure Brazil will be waiting for me with it's arms wide open!
I just hope to come back one day to visit the friends I've made and to see the places I used to love so much!

Thank you once again my friends you'll be missed.
. this is a tear drop falling on my face...*SIGHTS*

Love you and see you in 2009!
Happy New year everyone!


Marcia Valesca said...

Muito legal LU!
FEliz ano novo para você.
Estamos te esperando aqui de braços abertos!!!!

webmosterhelene said...

What? Are you going back to Brazil?? Oh dearest, I will miss you SO MUCH!! And you haven't even met Aston yet :-s

Love you, will miss you!!


Erika said...

Nada melhor na vida do que ser amada. E só conseguimos isso quando plantamos amor. So... seu jardim é florido,né?

Jessica said...

I miss you so much already Lucy!!!! Good luck in 2009! :)


ju lima said...

Luzinha de chiquinhas?! Amei. vc tá linda viu?!
não vejo à hora de te encontrar.
que Deus ilumine o seu ano.
love ju

Malin said...

Lucy, sorry to hear you have left Sweden. Ihope that you will be able to come backe every now and then. You will be missed here! But I am lucky to be able to still be inspired by you here at the blog.