Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let's give Nancy some hope

I'll copy&past here the message from a fellow scraper Rita.
We need to help Nancy so please if you like to help take a look at RITA'S blog for more info:)
It's an act of LOVE.

Hi all - if you could please help pass the word, especially to bear lovers, I would appreciate it. I am hosting a silent auction on my blog to try to raise $ to help a fellow scrapbooker (Nancy Jones - some of you may know her) who has MS and is very ill, medical bills are about to put them out of their home and Christmas is dismal. I am hoping to raise a little to send some Christmas cheer their way.

The silent auction is for a very fine, homemade white bear named Snowflake. To bid people simply need to email me and the highest bidder at midnight 12/15 receives the bear, with payment to be sent to the Jones family and once received, we will ship the bear. You can see Snowflake on my blog - please pass the link to anyone who may be interested. I have a quiet blog - and really could use help in getting the word out.


Sasha said...

Hey boo bear .. I am done with layout but I am going to wait and see if it gets picked up I submitted it for publication, yah right we both know it might not but hey you never know..okay I used the pic of your clown nose and angel wings.

Hope you are doing well sweet pea

Marcia Valesca said...

Oi querida!
Seja muito feliz, você merece.
Muito força e coragem. Conte comigo, tá?
Feliz Natal e um 2009 maravilhoso para você e sua familia.