Friday, May 08, 2009

All together!

In one place!
I want to enjoy and enjoy all the amazing projects you have done on my NSD tutorial girls!
I just don´t get tired to look at it!
You are so amazing and what I love the most on this kind of online class is to see how everyone is so creative using the same but different things!
Specially with such a bad english on my discriptions...LOL
Thank you so much ladies for allowing me to publish your work here on my blog.
It´s very appreciated by me and my friends from all over the world.
I´m stunned and happy with you all.

I trully hope you had enjoyed it as much as I did!
And congrats once again to ChrisA the random winner of this Party:)
Congrats to you all...there wasn´t one single project that I didn´t like!
Thank you so so so much!
Love you all!
And here they are:

"Sisters"By Lesley

"Life" by Pegassuss

"by KArin"

"Remember" by Lorwilb

"To my boy"By Linda Loe

"Sweet dreams"By Tallynt

"Flor" By Lariscrap

"The Bunny Boy" By Lalscrap

"Mom&me" By Kimmy

"Love grows here"By Kim

"The patio" By ChrisA

"I´m" By Dianna
"What about the news?" By CarmemLucia

"Our boy" By Aranka

Aren´t they amazing projects?
I loved it!
And if you like just browse down on my blog and you can do it too:)


Dri Noleto said...

They are all beautiful!!!
Unfortuntelly I couldn't finish mine because of my hand!:(((
I will send you anyway, as soon as possible!!!

Fabiana said...

Wow! So amazing that so many people came out to play! Wonderful tutorial by the way...

Bianca Alonso said...

They are amazing!!! love love love!!!

Débora Prass said...

Luzinha, que lindos mesmo! Preciso tentar também!E que bom que vc está de volta a Curitiba! :) Bjs

domestic goddess said...

Its been too long since I passed by your blog, hope all is well with you. A litttle birdie told me you are back in Brazil, is this true?!
Huge hugs xxxx

Aninha said...

Luzinhaaa qtos LOs sabe que eu tenho usado muito essa mistura de tintas em camisetas???
Só que temos feito em degradee por ex do preto até o brnaco,do marinho para o benco e por ai vai....vou tentar fazer tb!!!

Ana Dantas said...

Nossa Luzinha! Fazia uma tempo que eu não passava por aqui(correria, voltei pra faculdade...LOUCA!!!), mas você passou de fases. Meio que Picasso, fase azul...entendeu!
Beijos de brigadeiro bem brasileiro prá você!

Tati Capelli said...

quero mostrar uma página sua no meu blog. Olha o post que eu deixei lá sobre isso. Escolhe uma que vc ame e me manda, ok? Tô esperando!