Sunday, August 15, 2010

At the beach

Hi you all!
This weekend Madelene went to the beach with me.
It was her first trip!
I couldn't keep her gorgeous pics for my self.
So we decided to share with you some of the fun moments we had here :)
Hope you enjoy and have fun with her moments!

First she went to my scrapbooking supplies and made a mess with my new papers from
The places you'll go collection from Scrapdiary.LOL
She made this add to remind me the places she'll go soon!

She is digging to travel by plane soon!
And I bet her first trip from that list will be Sao Paulo!

She just loved to play with some thickers accents from the kit!

The other day she had this Glam Diva moment and she choose her outfit for a warm and nice winter afternoon at the beach!

Oh she is a DIVA!

Isn't she just gorgeous?

Then is was time to go down to feel the sand for the first time!
She had a balst!
It was a bit windy and chill to have her bikini on though!LOL

OMG She found a frog on the garden!
Some day her prince will come...

And finally today the weather was just perfect for a dive in the pool!
She loved!

The sun was just warm enough and a perfect day!
What a wonderful weekend!
Pefect first trip to Caioba-south Brazil!
and have a great week everyone.


Adriana - DRIARTE said...

Nossa!!! Adorei as fotos e ela ficou linda com estes modelitos!!!!

Dri Noleto said...

Meu Deus, esta moça está muito chique!!
Cad~e look de tirar o fôlego!
Estou apaixonada por essas bonequinhas, são lindas demais!!
Beijos,com muito carinho!