Thursday, December 13, 2007

My work shop in Brazil

Here's the projects I've done for the most awesome work shop of all!
We had so much fun,it was a blast to meet all my virtual friends down there!!!
Plus it's Brazil right?How much better it would be?
Plus I saw my family,and I have ate most yummy food in the world!
Oh plus was summer down there,and who knows me totally knows,that i'm crazy about sun and warm weather!LOL

So here we go:

This was using the papers I designed for scrapdiary the line is REVOLUTION!

Cherry art,UTTE and stamps

And these papers I hand made with watercolor,for Scrapdiary and specially for this event!

Here some patterned felt,Hambly,SD,Cherry art,watercolor and lots of fun!

Sassafrass,i don't know if you can see but the tule under the waves paper made an incredible effect,plus we used lots of gliter,so love gliter!

This is Scrapdiary papers Barcelona line and cherry art
the letters NOW was specially made in acrylic for the work shop,the transparency flowers is something that I made up from my own little brain LOL,melting the plastic.
Okay maybe people already did melt transparency,but I have never seen like it's kind of my original idea:P

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Karla said...

Tudo lindo como sempre!