Saturday, December 08, 2007

The story of a post office

The present

OMG,do you know when you are in total shock???
This is how I'm right now...
Let me explain:
This morning I've got a paper from the mail telling me to pick up a package from US.
Okay nothing wrong with that,immediately I tought..mmm it's my order from SIS boutique,YAY!
So there I was on my way to pick it up.
I got there and the guy come with the magic white SIS box!
The moment I grabed it I notice that was something wrong...
It's to heavy I tough.
I don't bought that much for be such heavy package,okay maybe is some mistake and they have sent the wrong box to me...I really was thinking about it.
I have to go home open it and write to super dude Garry...
Guys I'm telling you...
I opened that box and there it was,a super cute heart atached by a super cute ribbon in two super awesome cards like ATCs with my name on it...from Gigi!
Then I saw it...a little note,amazing,from JJ and from the Fashionistas...
And inside that box the amount of goodies I can't even start to describe,you can see in the pic I just took.
Now tell me how is it possible for a person with 1,50m survive that shock???
Guys even in my entire life I have never ever bought that much scrapbooking suplies,I'm in heaven.
And what these ladies have done for me is so much more than I can say!
It's not only about...awww you make my day...
It's about,YOU have make me feel really special today!
I need to live twice to find a way to say THANKS;I really appreciated what you have done.
JJ,Garry,Abbie,Fashionistas if there's is anything in this world that I can make for you,it's just tell me I'll do it right way!
Love you guys,and enough of writing cuz I have to many tears in my eyes and I don't even know what I'm typing anymore!:P
I just was needing to sare this story with all of my SISters and to confirm that here is the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD!

Sending you all my love and appreciation.
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Carolina Virmond said...

Que máximo, Scrapídala!!! Que presentão, hein??? Mas vc mereceeeee!!! Isso e muito mais!!!!! Sem contar que é privilégio de poucas, não é pra qquer uma... tem que ser muito fera pra receber isso...
Amei as fotos do BMG!!!
Bjos mil!!!