Monday, June 13, 2011

Extravagance a week or so after...LOL

So I survived the greatest scrapbooking event...or should I say Marathon?
Whateva...It was so fabulous,amazing and like we say an EXTRAVAGANCE!
I'll just post some photos I've stolen from my dear Megui San!
Thanks Megui...I gotta fix a new small camera...
I wasn't able to bring the big camera this time due my extra heavy luggage!LOL

So with no futher explanations let's go to the highlights from this big event!

The students table...a big space fixed so neatly and tons of gifts for them...
Talk about being spoiled.

The great team of designer 8.00 am in the morning all excited to start the action!

From left to right: Megui,Flavia,Gil,Celi,Ju Mansour and I.
Missing on this pic Vlady and Ju Tonin.

My dearest Paola!

Super team,designers and teachers that helped us like if there was no tomorrow!
If wasn't those girls...

Me and Paola...let's just do it our way...LOL

Is this the right ribbon?
Have no idea... LOL

A view from the right side of the room.

The center of the room...and the left side. So many happy scrapers!

After a long day... just a break for an awesome samba party...I've got more Caipirinhas than I could or should...LOL

Students,teachers,'s all party babe!
And the dearest Marcelo Dargan.

The last day on backstage...hang over but happy at 7 AM!

We had so much fun with these sponsor's ballons!


2013 is just on the corner Megui!

The great team with Mauro and Tarcisio our scrapbooking's Imperor!

Amazing moments will be in my heart!

It's was the best Extravagance of all last 5 editions...

James bond?
No Charlie's Angels...HUH?

No stress at all...
hahaha Megui is so sweet she can't pretent she is stressed...LOL

Who me?
No way I worked like a cammel! (Brazilian useful phrase...)

Yeah maybe sometimes...

Guess what?

It was the most amazing 4 days ever!
We had great time,tons of creativity,amazing friends...
Simply perfect!

See you there in 2013!

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Manunamoral said...


Delicia total né???

Sonho que um dia muitas de nós realizaremos...hauhauah.

Obrigada por compartilhar sempre tamanha felicidade.


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