Thursday, May 03, 2007


Hi girls,I must to confess,MAy is my favorite month of the year!
And it's not just because its a spring time,or renovation,or the weeding month,but speacially because its MY B-DAY!!!LOL
Just kidding,but speacially cuz we all celebrate the most important person in the world...our MOTHERS!
So my post today is totaly dedicated to my mom,and your mom.
I want to show you some pics I took this week here.
And I bet my mom will simply love it.
She is an artist,and I've learning so much about arts with her...Man she is incredible,no one can paint a watercolor rose as she does...I'll promisse you in my next time down there in Brazil I'll take tons of photos of her work just to show you that Im not kidding.
Sooo that's it for today,I do not have any to do list,and I'll just enjoy my day at home,doing some scrap,YAY!
See you later guys.

Bom deu pra ver que eu to tagarela,mas pra resumir a estória eu vou hj postar algumas fotos especialmente pra minha mae.
Tenho certeza absoluta que ela vai gostar.
Aiiii queria tanto que ela pudesse ter os meus olhos pra poder ver as flores lindas que tem por aqui...é um abuso de cores mais que merecido depois do longo e branco inverno!!!
Maeeee chegou nosso mes mais uma vez!
Um beijao e nunca esqueca do mais importante:


Dany Peres said...

aff, vou correndo chamar minha mãe!

patri oliveira said...

Que fotos lindas!! Tô com saudades dos nossos papos... Afff... Estamos cada vez mais sem tempo, né? Bjokas e te adoro!!

TessaAnnWatte said...

Hey girlie girl!
Your photos are magnificent!
Happy May to you too.
It's my birthday this month as well!
How fun :)
Have a great day!!!

Marta said...

Ai que fotos lindas!!! Amo a primavera!!! Deve ser muito lindo por ai!!! bjs